Thank you thread.

As a certified techno lover, I thank whoever posted this banger back in a 2017 Techno thread: (Joey Beltram - Striking Distance (Original mix))

"i dont follow these stupid creatures but imo jonty seems too involved in writing stupid shit that i think he might be simply mentally ill or sth, idk whats so fascinating in this baiting trends on hltv. This is the only forum in the world that such shit gets so much attention. Or maybe its just 3 baiters creating hundreds of accounts idk im getting too salty for my "not caring" so gonna go right now :D" -mefju

"Veganism is an eating disorder characterized by delusional health benefits, fear of meat, a strong desire to avoid any animal products, and severe food restrictions. Many people with veganism see themselves as healthy even though they are in fact nutrient-deficient. If asked they usually deny they have problem with their diet. Often they post pictures of vegetables and anti-meat propaganda online and have an urgent need to tell everyone they are vegan. Complications may include osteoporosis, brain and nerve impairment, among others. Women will often stop having menstrual periods.

The cause is not known. Cultural factors appear to play a role with societies that value hipster propaganda, and getting laid with brainless hippies." -finnishFakeFlagger4
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