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Europe bad
Who were mostly Irish, British, Netherlands, Polish and Germany including some French. And of course African slaves. American genes are almost same as the countries i listed so if you think USA is s...
Advice on not being toxic
worked for me most important thing is to always remember being toxic wont make anything better. Will take some time to actually fully understand what that means but when it hits you you will questio...
Advice on not being toxic
I was very toxic person too but i started to realize i wont get better by being toxic and after i realized i can do better if i stay calm i stopped to be toxic. Another thing is to not take it too se...
Advice on not being toxic
no answer for that you are just weak minded
Turkey starts WW3
biggest lol for a while.
Turkey starts WW3
much longer around 2000 years or longer... Just with different names.
Is it worth grinding matchmaking for a respectable rank?
as a premade group (easy af not really even grinding if you have team mates with decent game play) as solo no (you will get retards, boosted retards, griefers, anger management issue kids etc etc)
Matrix 4 announced!
Will be shit and nothing to do with original matrix most likely head actress will be some trans faggot and plot is something about police brutality and racism.
Finland sword attack???
Dont bully my dudes this is what happens. Let everyone be no matter how weird they are.
hit a noscope so nice i tabbed out on accident
something like 6/10 - no hs - medium range - scout but its still nice :)
i want to move to russia
all the eastern european poor countries are slavs.
i want to move to russia
Also metro 2033 and 2034 good books :)
What is you IQ mens?
average in Brazil is below 90
What is you IQ mens?
So many liars on this topic... Usually stupid people consider themselves very smart. i have 109 IQ and i dont feel that im any smarter than the average Finn. Also there is different kind of "smart" ...
Finnish girls WTF
I can be your dad. Go to work son that beer wont make its way to my fridge on its on.