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Red Reserve vs Movistar Riders
push ct with a bomb. k
forZe vs Spirit
davcost 200iq move. push when T "plant" on 30 seconds in 2v1 situation p.s. lose a game like that. that play looks like a major player one
Red Reserve vs Movistar Riders
great choke btw
FaZe vs Cloud9
Trash who one in a team have positive k/d :)
Unique vs DreamEaters
Looks like man from 10th world country (if you actually) knows CIS scene better than anyone else. Yeah there are more "famous" names. But not names play cs:go. Yesterday noone knows about zywoo, today...
Unique vs DreamEaters
"much better players" who lose their last head-to-head, and better than Windigo players i guess. Nice try :)
Unique vs DreamEaters
Whats wrong with this game? Died full hp in molly. Trying to knife in smoke.
G2 vs forZe
kennyS quit the game kennyS committed suicide kennyS planted the bomb (1on3) Whyy there is no streeam :( What a good way to end that match. vs eco
G2 vs forZe
Legends never dies ... they said
HAVU vs Vexed
Almost full eco LUL WHAT
Valiance vs Vitality
Look at the Happy face in hltv profile. He look like he dsnt care about nothing, but paid... Become so fat lol Sad story. But this is a good kicker for ZywOo. Hope he get a better team in a future.
Valiance vs Vitality
Yeah. I understand. But T's so much want that and die everytime. Its like a 2 of 10 games when it works. meh
Valiance vs Vitality
Always see that T's with bomb planted push CT spawn on pistol round and die so fast. PROFIT?!? of this move?
When you know that you will be play with MIBR soon Like "I dont need this team anymore" lul vs Swole Patrol
He can call him... Like "Swag" "Brax" etc. Easy If i be in a motm spot i just hit swag shoulder lol