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Virtue vs YeaH!
A real challenge for kng and company. GL boys!
Enyoy vs HAVU
Nice to see pronax with a positive KD in a long time.
OpTic vs compLexity
-Stan +karrigan -Shazan +JuGi and the team can be the best dane team.
Rise Nation vs TeamOne
Of course, as a bazilian I can confirm this.
Rise Nation vs TeamOne
Cache is a good map for T1, If they go to the decider they will have a great chance to win the game.
Rise Nation vs TeamOne
Las Vegas is located in the middle of nothing, bro haha is Just good for tourism.
Não Tem Como vs BlackOut
Freedom 35 vs Não Tem Como
Well support all this things is not too expensive for who support to live in a 5bedroom in São Paulo and party everyone night. And they have the money that they can Win in ESEA Global Challenge and th...
Easiest language to learn?
For the Future: Chineses/mandarim. For now, spanish. Im a Brazilian, and I think that spanish is now more impactful than mandarin for the job market(especially for US, i want to immigrate when I finis...
Keyd Stars fe vs GoHome
Pan is Very nice too, but his pic here is not the best. I follow her on insta hahaha
LDLC havent too much money to offer for him, so the buyout is not big imo.
2k racist on TeamOne
We are 50% 'black' and 50% White, but like all Nations, Black are poorer than white.
Why not bring amanek or even devoduvek? Maybe less nbk would help too.
rx 580 4gb or 1060 3gb or something else?
Or maybe you can mine in the free time...
rx 580 4gb or 1060 3gb or something else?
If these two are in the same prince, Rx580 by far. This 1gb makes some diference in full HD(not in avg fps, but in 1% low and some textures cant load, idk the name of this problem, but happen when you...