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no crowd = no crowdstralis
I don't want to spread toxicity, so I want to clarify that it's just a joke and I meant no disrespect to any team <3
prime Astralis vs any other team during their prime?
Old NIP would probably beat them, they had a much better winstreak
Spotify in Russia & East Europe
it's miles better than Apple music and is available on more devices, you can install it pretty much everywhere, even on your PS4. Also it supports some extensions that can show your stats and categori...
Na'Vi next major winners
his name roughly translates as "fuck Vincere" or "fuck off Vincere", so he's most definitely not a NaVI fan
top1 scene rn?
yeah, the top 5 has almost no difference in points, there's no definite top 1 atm, exciting times
Navi ranking explain
don't crop the statistics my friend)) https://ibb.co/4NdHMBn Astralis almost lost its core, so the change is expected
I mean, Astralis lost 2 people from the main roster due them being on leave, which will definitely affect their points, so depending on how well NaVi does on DreamHack, there's a good chance they'll ...
NAVI 2010 vs CIS Streamers
Cuz it's their first try at doing this, so they wanted to get more publicity to see if they can do more matched in the future
Natus Vincere vs Syman
why so many people took such an obvious bait, lul
NAVI Junior vs Hard Legion
Wow dude, you don't have to be so mean, how much?))
Navi Haters cry is free it doesn't matter what you say but we are the highest in the room
you can, all NaVi fans are welcome, gatekeeping is dumb.