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pewdiepie is the most unfunny youtuber ever
you dont have to compare cancers, you can just say both are cancer
capitalism is cringe
bernie sanders #Bernie2020
i r8 your username
im honest
The male gender is better in all aspects of life (except for the birth of children)
women are better w words according to science. girls also dont spend their time on hltv which is probably better
fnatic best team señor VAC can fuck everyone
worst csgo youtubers
failu = OG Franzj
idk i never believed in god but recently i was thinking about it. I don't think a god could simultaneously be the object and subject when he is all-knowing why even communicate or do anythink when th...
EG Laugh thread
NiP Laugh thread
Studenst come FAST
yeah but u probably can also get a job later in life
Studenst come FAST
dude if u study something easy its fucking dumb how easy it is i study sociology and i legit have only 2 days of college and maybe 5 hours of homework rest of the week. Making friends is pretty ez i w...
I guess your AGE v2 (99% right)
im not active enough to make own post so i have to post here: pls help me i promised girl from my college (im not into her she is just friend) that i would come to a party one of her friends i dont ...
Did you like HighSchool?
No responsibilities, still have great friends from then, most subjects were ez, partying on weekends, HS was rlly fun for me but only because i met ppl i liked
addicted to computer, video games, and internet (screens)
JUST FUCKING TRY ITTTT if your life is shit then it doesnt matter and can only have positive outcome
addicted to computer, video games, and internet (screens)
Still, the way to get those 50 fixed is to start with 1 2 3 4. Then you can start working on the other 50. If you are truly convinced that you have 50 problems in your life then the way is still to st...