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best css players?
do u mean the international/german mtw lineup? then it was KRAEUTERHUMPEN, awping legend in source.
best city to party in your country ?
+1, prague is a great city.
berlin and germany sucks
yeah it's another system, good luck bro :D.
berlin and germany sucks
ok nice country, great nature :D fakeflagger everywhere xd
berlin and germany sucks
would be pretty sick. pls tell me from where you are because the fake flagging is too obvious :D.
berlin and germany sucks
i didn't mention that other cities doesn't have a good traffic network, but you can compare it with london's.
berlin and germany sucks
it's pretty good and yeah amsterdam is a really nice place, but u can't compare any city to amsterdam because it's too unique. but seriously berlin is a very active city and if you are too far away f...
berlin and germany sucks
and that's excatly the place where you shouldn't be when you want to have action by night. next time try prenzlauer berg, hackescher markt, friedrichshain or central berlin.
berlin and germany sucks
the traffic network connects the city very well, you can use the subway or the tram.
berlin and germany sucks
tell me pls where exactly you've been because berlin is one of the most active cities in europe.
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berlin and germany sucks
the thing with amsterdam is that the conurbation for activities isn't that big. everybody you ask will instantly think about the redlight district.
berlin and germany sucks
sorry but i think someone trolled you and told you that you are in berlin. berlin is lively day and night.
berlin and germany sucks
amsterdam: 219km² (52km² water) berlin: 891,68 km² lel
kebap or pizza ?
i think it is only in germany or atleast in german speaking countries, döner is very similar but not the same. but let's be true, both is awesome.