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mouz upgrade
-karrigan would just be idiotic.
Lekr0 has made some stupid indiviual plays aswell that made them lose games. I have nothing against the guy but I think it was the right call to boot him. If they do not improve then twist surely is t...
I watched a lot of NiPs matches and they choked quite a bit. Now that is not only lekr0s fault but he made quite a bit of mistakes and I honestly think hampus will be an improvement as he is a really ...
How is this a bad move? I am pretty sure this will make them a better team.
Lekr0 was a ok fragger but pretty bad IGL. This was a upgrade for sure. I really do not understand why people are so upset over this move, they have not even looked that good as of late. vs Apeks
VP should have won a lot earilier than they did. It is clear to me that Adren is not capable of being a tier one IGL and he needs to get kicked asap. Have nothing against the guy personally but he is ...
Shroud in his prime
The problem Shroud had in his csgo career was that he did not really show up at lan. He played good at pugs and online but on the big lans he did not show the same potential. With a few excpetions* as...
[16+] I won't be toxic anymore
[16+] I won't be toxic anymore
Np menss))
[16+] I won't be toxic anymore
Good for you :)
Best IGL of all time?
I think Karrigan is up there with gla1ve only real problem he has had is that he have zero majors but so does S1mple and he is still the csgo goat imo. So I think I understand your reasoning, agree to...
Niveras pic
I think #1 summed it up* pretty well, both are good looking though imo.