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Why would you have f0rest in there? Krimz would be a much better fit, since he is a all around better player then forest.
astralis eva over
That they were the number one team for a year? Just check hltv mate.
Did you watch the game mate? They are quite a tactical team if you observe them. The way they play is very thought out etc. In what way are they not playing intelligent cs?
astralis eva over
They were the number one team in the world for a whole year. Won two consecutive majors. If Astralis did not have a era then no csgo team have ever had an era.
Biggest choke of the year. 14-3 in their advantage and then they lose in ot.
does anything matter?
Life is pointless and death is evident. However this life on earth is the only one you know that you will experience, so it would be foolish not to make the most of it.
sadokist destroyed [18+ brutal]
Damn this whole convo really makes scott seem like a idiot.
Europe - Rape (rate per 100,000 population)
What you are saying is 100% true. People with no knowledge of swedish politics etc see the statistics and believe it without thinking a step furthur. Sheep that just follow statistics without question...
kscerato BM ZywOo
Horrible bait imo.
G2 lacks Tactics
In my opinion he has proven himself but that i can see why you think that way. Let´s see if he can make it work, i really do think he can. We just gotta wait and see i guess.
G2 lacks Tactics
He did not last because they wanted to make a drastic change since they were performing poorly. The poor performance was not because of ex6 however, it was more body and smithzz not being able to hold...
G2 lacks Tactics
The only recent "chance" he has been given was one with body and smithzz on the team. It is hard to make a lineup like that work, even harder with the limited time he had before getting kicked. This t...
G2 lacks Tactics
Because he is the only real igl in french cs. There have been numerous examples of players coming from tier 2 and improves a tier 1 team. I really do not understand why people do not want to give this...
G2 lacks Tactics
They really need a solid igl and the only viable option they have is ex6tenz. Like him or not he is still a rather solid igl, not one of the best but good enough. I really do think that ex6 would be a...
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