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Thank You Kjærbye
MSL -25 lul
ass explosion
Tbh wouldn’t mind, been having trouble getting the last bit of every dump out. 1 expected = 1 prayer
Even if people give into the argument of coldzera being a baiter, which he's never been a sheer entry fragger, he still fucking good at it. Once he knows where people are it's ez. Look how far boltz ...
RIP Seized?
Not everyone can stay good forever, he wasn't some freak to begin with.
Bardolph tweet.
Don't get why people always use "cuck" for guys who are over sensitive to PC shit, I get the connection when it's about a black person/blacks, but it's still just a sexual fetish that doesn't make tha...
Bardolph tweet.
ESL and other orgs who ban Sadokist are going to lose more bored viewers than they are the 0.00001% of snowflakes who would TEMPORARILY boycott Sadokist until they realize they're retarded or stop car...
Bardolph tweet.
Read his name
Bardolph tweet.
"The community" (probably 99%) doesn't give a fuck about what Sadokist said 1 time. No public figure that is widely liked by their community isn't going to be instantly hated by the community after 1 ...
Bardolph tweet.
I'm surprised he got it approved with management. I know ECS is a lot more chill about stuff but still feel like most businesses freak the fuck out over PC crap because they're afraid they'll lose spo...
Neoliberal (politician wise) typically just means that you campaign and talk a good talk but then don't actually vote for the things/fight for the things you talk about, go back on your promised liber...
3-0 >>> 2-0
mmmmm but faze god straight dicked, Astralis put up a fight while Faze were feeling hot. I prefer Faze over Astralis by a long shot, but they got gang-banged this series.
Fucking racist HLTV Admin Pigs
Is that the full length? Sometimes they delete posts that really have no true value that get a crap ton of comments fast
Fucking racist HLTV Admin Pigs
Should've taken screenshots
konfig racist
because he's asian