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BO7 Final
The only way you could have a bo7 final is by using a double elimination format where the upper bracket winner starts the series with a map advantage, like they've done it for cs_summit. It's simply t...
How does this delays happen?
Can confirm
substitute cs:go
Substitutes are actually widely used in Chinese and Korean LoL, as well as Overwatch, but that's only in-between games as there's no way you can do it mid-game in esports. Then, the other thing with C...
Why can they restart?
I don't know if it's what happened here, but some people have a buy bind on F1 so when they vote for a timeout they also end up buying. It's dumb as fuck, because they can just not bind anything to F1...
ORDER vs Cloud9
Rush played the 1v4 well, but Order played it horribly
ORDER vs Cloud9
Taric, Autimatic, and Rush have more kills on this map than Skadoodle has in the series.....
Liquid are definitely on fire right now. Definitely having a honeymoon period since adding NAF. Will be interesting to see if they can keep that up once teams start to get some tape on them.
SK vs Astralis <3
I only caught mirage, but it looked more like the teams were taking turns to throw, than an actually good game.
Finals Casters
Yeah all of the casting duos are great, and totally agree that Scrawny and Launders could be top tier if they get more chances.
eleague shit major
lol the delays at the PGL major were worse
4 A.M
Yeah I agree it's shit, but from a business perspective the only way it's going to change with regards to esports on TV, is if the games can bring in enough of an audience for them to move it to a bet...
4 A.M
Well the entire E League major wasn't televised, just like the other games they've played this week. I'm pretty sure the only game that was actually on TV there was the final, and maybe the semis, I c...
4 A.M
The only reason why E League is even a thing is because Turner wanted to put it on TV, but because it's only esports, and the duration can vary massively, they have to give it a shit time slot, otherw...
I don't know how you can stand it. I can get used to it after 10-20 mins but the casting and echo is way louder than it needs to be, but in general I don't get why these events have the echo on the st...