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Swag - wtf
doesn't matter what you say because if he didn't take any money or anything there is no proof of him throwing and any good lawyer can dumb it down to "he could've just been having a really bad game, a...
Swag - wtf
You must be deranged or fucked in the head or something because it doesn't matter whether he threw or not because literally nothing he did would've changed the outcome of that match. Tell me, what do ...
Swag - wtf
comparing video game players to fucking hitler LMAOOOOOOOO
Swag - wtf
he didn't even receive any skins what was skadoodle supposed to do? "sorry guys all 4 of you can throw while i try my hardest to win this mach!" he didn't deny the skins because of whatever shit tho...
Swag - wtf
>passionate about cs >complains about watching interesting players because they did bad thing 4 years ago :(((((
compLexity vs Cloud9
yes and I fucking hope not
Ghost vs MIBR
well anyone with a brain would know that one mistake can lose them the game and that mistake was one of them.
Ghost vs MIBR
to be fair they almost lost them the game with that fucking awful choke with the awp
leave witmer out of this
this is a meme, yes?
ur mom
Swole Patrol vs TeamOne
Tarik going to cheat? Beware!
leave the turkey's out of this man they did nothing wrong
Hey guy, I've had both for quite a while and it really really isn't fun. It got so bad that I had to drop out of school because I couldn't sleep at night and I could never find the motivation or driv...
Ghost vs Sharks
aged well