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Hiko in 2017
You cannot make excuses for a man who does not perform. He can do better He has done better. This entire year and all of 2016 he has under-performed. Maybe 2017 will be the year he has a ...
No its not that she is beautiful and I also have a thing for women of Asian descent.
I like smixxy and so do the players xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
bye bye CLG
CLG is nasty since they added Rickeh. nahtE has been improving drastically under FNS IGL style same with Koosta/Rickeh/Cutler... NA CS just proving that with a good IGL and the right players we can...
r8 my gf
nudes pls if over 18
GuardiaN back!?!?
edit: G2 looking nutty.... any of those four could win the whole tournament (G2, Astralis, Na`Vi, North)
Razer orbweaver ?
Do not buy shit from razer it breaks within six months and their customer service rarely ever sends a replacement... I bought an expensive razer headset back in 2011 for $150 and it broke within 3 mon...
Am i alone? Mature+ (point of view)
It sounds to me like you took some awesome drugs and are contemplating your life as an individual in the social constructs the world has formed. Long story short; there is an inherent link between...
SK made great adjustments since their last tournament. The real test will be beating Astralis/G2 in a bo3 since all three teams are now in great form. VP is a streaky team and with only one game p...
The truth is regardless of our borders or what we call our countries the killing of innocent people cannot stand. I pray for those who were injured to have a safe recovery and for Russia to find s...
R8 my $100 haircut
To be honest it looks like a nice fade on the sides... a truly nice fade does not deserve to be ruined with steps my friend but that's just my opinion. In America, you would be bullied and labeled ...
Eye color
hazel /thread
device fuckboy?
Yung Statutory Stewart Youthful Two Thousand
>fast 4k with awp >video over 30 seconds choose one
15yr poland girl AMA