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You know little about Counter Strike. Gambit was hype, Cloud9 was hype, Immortals was hype. Ence has structure, theres no star player, little mistakes, well defined roles. This is no fluke.
people that dont follow competitive CS for more than 3 years may think Device is a better player, because of his acomplshiments. But anyone who know true CS, knows when the magic happens. And simple h...
S1mple fake top 1
you cannot be the best player in the game without being one of the best aimers, but you can be the best aimer and not the best player. Take the last 10 years of HLTV top 20, and all winners were top 3...
S1mple fake top 1
shut up, you only spoke shit. Device is incosistent as fuck, much more than simple. Cs is about kill you idiot, "only good because has good raw aim", only this, the best aimer in the game is the best ...
Flamie underratd
+...effects of 16 years on "social democracy" aka light comunism. Several underveloped SA countries fall into comunism promisses, and the coutry fall as well. Argentina, Nicaragua, Haiti, Venezuela, B...
s1mple or GeT_RiGhT
simple is better than anyone. Im a coldzera fanboy, and a niko follower forever, but simple is something else, and i dont even like him;
ScreaM without Happy
Hes a player that need space, i agree. But that does not work against top teams. Structure is needed in the high levels of the game, and he can not play proper strucutured game.
Cold to Liquid, Elige to SK *PROOF INFO
Elige is dating a brazilian girl he met in Belo Horizonte...just it.
Coldzera gf
hahahahah, know nothing about girls. These two are actually medium rated. Coldzera gf is really hot.
Coldzera won't get to TOP20 this year.
SK is improving and we are in may. He should be top 10 easily
win 1vs3, lose 4vs2