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Gambit vs Vega Squadron
The should word is banned in csgo betting. HR shouldve won todays match against shit misfits, t2 NA team. But they didnt, and i won a shitload of money
AGO vs VenatoreS
Polish cs is a fucking shitshow, from kinguim to vp, going through ago
AGO vs VenatoreS
Of course. These guys used to clean toilets, now they get a 3 euro week salary and can win skins by throwing, they have nothing to lose.
AGO vs VenatoreS
Tell me, you Little shit toilet cleaner, what are they??? They lost to t33 polish shit on lan, they are trash. You must be new to the scene, furlan and gruby have always been shit players, that doenst...
I understand your arguments, and may even agree with you in some aspects. But my point is: CS GO speciliasts consider the period between the 2 majors as the SK Era. Its not me saying...And if you dont...
They had an era between the two majors. Everyone in the scene acknowledge that, but maybe HLTV users dont.
Oldschool on HLTV ?????????????????????
hahaha I remeber that !! Good times...
Spirit Academy vs BYNIE
8.5 pays nothing usually. Go with 4.5 or 3.5; 4.5 is better cause it excludes overtime possibilities. I dont like 2.5
Spirit Academy vs EPG
Hahahahaha Easy life
Spirit Academy vs BYNIE
Hahahahah the pro better again. Another fix/throw?? You need to learn the easiest Way to win money in csgo: handicap bet on the underdog.
This one knows alot about csgo betting. You gotta be rich
KennyS not top 5
dont listen to these shits, rain is top5 material., Way better than device, in my opinion.
Scream joining G2
I sincerely think the problem might be on Smithz, their shit coach with zero exp.
Oakland > Major
If you want top teams and action, I think Blast will be best than the major for you! Maybe for me too..
Astralis vs GODSENT
Astralis took nip place as THE SHIT TEAM. They cant win a CT side train (their best map) agaist a pug mix, with disco doplan as star. Astralis is shit