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rip faze *
ARE U MAD CUZ I ARENT #thecryisfree
rip faze *
nah its different mibr is just tier20 one thing is: being trash at cs choking is: being GODLIKE till pressure big games, and going 1-14 etc
rip faze *
+1 even disagreeing with you I +1 cuz you are a legend my friend <3 lets hope for a great game this is just a topic to make fun of a team for getting rekt, then they make fun of me, and the circle ...
rip faze *
rip faze *
its different, complaining about jetleg happened a lot so far its completly different, think about it "oh i was jetleg sorry for my performance eh eh" *groupstage exit, bo3 where u team won but u p...
rip faze *
so? choke clan choked against c9 in a major final choke clan... hype... big finals... majors.... lets leave it like that
and? fer 2 majors, choke clan 404 error. major not found. :>
German scene na scene
+1 #GODb #save_k0nfig_ffs #mibr.k0nfig
Liquid don't win major *READ*
16-1 north tho
rip faze *
+1 #save_mibr_ffs #mibr.allu #alluGOD top 1 #ez4ENCE
rip faze *
but he has 2 majors in carreer
Apex and NBK future line up
yeah =/ nowdays with this meta, the only player who can join any team and do good is nbk, he can adapt as rotator, support etc but apex needs a team with real igl, if he joins a random team, people ...
i7 4790 1060 6gb 1280 960 settings: only multicore enabled (dont care about other shit) stabile fps: 250-300 highest fps: 300 (fps_max 300) GODLIKE PLAYER
Liquid don't win major *READ*
theres no logic behind major runs remember that c9 was almost out of groups, but rekt choke clan and won a major dont even try to explain that, if c9 could won a major, everything can happen this i...
G2 will comeback stronger
no disrespect and not trolling here smithz and ex6 cant play t1 cs, this is just a fact any french guy who still blind fanboi, and believe in them, if u watched the games U KNOW, u know bro, that th...