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s1mple playstyle
how much majors he won? cuz every huge game, when the pressure goes on, he wiffs a lot of shots xd never seen cold, device, olof wiff the shots s1mple miss on major finals etc :> also x hair placem...
Top 5 awpers at their peaks
yeah but if we talk about securing an area, device copied fallen 100%, in terms of going to different areas on specific rounds, specially on the bonus round to break economy, where teams use the "spec...
s1mple playstyle
his sens is high for consistency, just facts, the lower sens u use, the more consistent shots you'll get not talking about niko type of sens, but just little bit lower
s1mple playstyle
wtf are u saying, he misses a lot of shots when he tries to spray and miss the first couple shots, specially when he flicks and the guy isnt appearing the whole bodyy, like a place where u only can se...
s1mple playstyle
you dont need to use low sens, just normal sens
favorite bands?
charlie brownnnn yeahhh, I come from santos, heart of vagabundo bate na sola do pé shdhsdhsd txhiti break, shitxithsi charli thisthsidh BROWN #fromsantos #choraoGOD top 1 #mibr.chorao
steam avatars ;33 <3
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help with situation?
of course, the 2 "superstars" of the team are clear chokers, wtf can he do about it lol
s1mple playstyle
thats why he misses easy shots a lot of times, he uses 9999999 sens and is flicking all the time if he knew how to play with proper xhair placement, he would be even better if he is insane playing l...
2.5 days no sleep
do cocaine, ez 2,5 more days
happy GOAT #RatingMatters
dude karrigan had 230489208394 different lineups, played in every meta over the years, and he always adapt to whatever lineup he has, or whatever meta comes out he is pretty good igl
Top 5 awpers at their peaks
just facts device atm is fallen 2.0 for example he is better than fallen in every aspect, but fallen basicly "invented" this type of awping so he is goat