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Highest Skill Peaks in CSGO
s1mple+niko cant the highest peaks, cuz they choked too much, olof and cold have that spot, the years those guys played good they had best rating + best titles, specially olof, cold always played 3rth...
Clown9 explain
autimatic is amazing, but how da fuck he can play good with that lineup? he probably dont even have motivation anymore lol
yeah but theres always new shit to explore, even changeing city or job is a full change sometimes life is good my friend xD
fak I'm sorry bro <3
you didnt I'm 27 only and I'm always transforming myself, getting knowledge and everytime I can see the same shit but in a different way, one thing is if your life is boring, then ok, but is just abo...
+999999999999 the only mistake can be staying in the same place doing the same shit without changeing, then complaining without realizing why life is so shit
yeah but that doesnt matter, life is fucking brutal sometimes, its all about having life knowledge to see between the simple things everything has positive and negative result, it take years to know ...
who hurt you?
no, why da fuck would you suicide, this makes no sense doesnt matter how depressed you are, theres always a way out, and life changes 100% in like 2 weeks sometimes, if you are on a shit position in ...
Went to nightclub (2nd time) and now I am depressed.
#hundenGOD top 1 <3
I'm são paulino, happy af but it was almost a 0x0 as I said curintia 100% defense carille tactics: 1 goalkeeper, 10 defenders LUL boring ass game
why ZywOo shouldn't be TOP 1 world
yeah but who cares nerds look like that bro, no need to fake reality
s1mple fans come here
s1mple is a known choker, now he dont even have the rating to justify his cheerleaders anymore lmaooo
why ZywOo shouldn't be TOP 1 world
not for cs... cs you just sit yo ass down and stay in a computer 12 hours a day, who gives a fuck about your fitness style the more fat the kid is, the less girls he will think about food + videogam...
Nerdiest Pros
+99999999999999999999 choko specially kkkkkk