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good idea, to torture stupid people that plays mm of course removing the bots will be horrible if you are playing mm everyday, but if you are playing mm everyday, you deserve it. theres a lot of inf...
s0mple fanboys are the worst
dont worry, long term s1mple fanboys always get rekt, they are just kids that dont understand how cs works and keep overating the biggest choker of csgo history. long term zywoo will be way better, j...
just niko being egomaniac and wanting everything his way, csgo lack real coaches do thats why ynk got free salary to do nothing this many times lol inb4 he goes g2
Stewie hate?
when csgo got popular too many stupid kids start to cheer for random teams, so 90% of the stupid kids would be like s1mple or ChoKo fans for example, and would hate on TACO, stewie etc these haters a...
university is so disengageing
every year a new trend game comes and go, nothing new
Running limit
you what say try friend my
undisputed GOAT
s1mple is the goat of choking godlike stats, godlike highlights, but 99% rate of choking on big games and u cant be goat choking so hard at majors biggest choke EVER in majors bo3 = key piece of th...
Running limit
as a runner for years, if you go as hard as you can, you will not be able to breathe after a while, so theres the problem, you will faint and drop in the floor, but will be fine I guess if you have h...
I think I'm mentally ill
I think I'm mentally ill
this is normal to a certain degree, everyone has their own different mind/opinion, the only thing you cant pass is thinking u know more about everthing than everyone, keep yourself humble, be a listen...
Richard Lewis LMAO
bro just by going into this type of argument, u already got baited by them. dont be like that LMAO, those 2 are just adult losers that want to make money by clicks, 2 crazy guys with hurted feelings,...
AK-47 skin sold for 125K
I miss making money off betings around 2015, but with 0 intention of making IRL money, just get more money to get better skins LMAO never though one day I would see this value, damn!! csgo not only ...
Liquid and Liquid Fans
mibr old core getting 0 16ed everyday for 10 years = 2 majors s1mple tryharding for 10 ye crying when losing and shaking of fear in finals = 0 majors #thecryisfree
nak joins MIBR as Strategic Coach
fuck mibr, good for nak, will get his cash, but fuck this org, fuck fly and everyone =D