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SK must win SS
you are wrong bro. SS is new Luminosity and Xantares is new coldzera. u will realize that today.
Best film in 2017?
i havent seen Logan yet. i hope its good. i have big expectations since everybody praises it. also Hugh Jackman is one of my favorite actors.
Best film in 2017?
there is nothing wrong with loving comic book movies. But i really dont like today's comic book movies. they are all too much childish and have neither a deep story nor good directing. imo scott pilgr...
Best film in 2017?
i totally agree with you. idk maybe we have other kind of passion for cinema which average viewer cant understand. Most of the people only watch big budget movies dont even realize movies which u said...
Best film in 2017?
ur comment has nothing with mine. but u have both right and wrong points. ofc u cant judge every movie in same context. its like comparing different type of cars like u said or more accuretely compari...
Best film in 2017?
ahaha this is most idiotic comment i have read in hltv :D and believe me i have read really nasty things :D
Best film in 2017?
ahahaahahahah u think best movies of year are bunch of popcorn movies? lol
HellRaisers vs MANS NOT HOT
awper poll
i aint voting a guy's survey that doesnt know who the gambits awper is. lol.
BAN Islam ?
you mean banning muslims? or people from muslim countries? bc u cant ban a fuckin religion :D
German politician wants to destroy Europe
even he is a god, its not up to him alone. so dont worry :)
German politician wants to destroy Europe
you know that its not up to him, right?
i love deadfox. go fck urself!
Turkey come here
why do u care? just keep jerking off
Is e-sports a sport?
lol that guy stole it from this video. lmao