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Worst Major???
Edit: read the topic! ofc thoose are not the worst , they will always be the best ... katowicze and cologne ... both tournaments doesnt need to be a Major , all Teams wanna play and win there sry to ...
i5 9400f vs Ryzen 5 3600
btw hltv is the wrong forum to ask and get serious answers about any hardware or peripherie :D
i5 9400f vs Ryzen 5 3600
B450 is the to go for priceless if dont need some extra pci-e e.g.
low budget mouse
Logitech G102/203 , wireless G305 ( ~40€ and a bit "better" sensor ) Aorus M2 Lioncast LM50 ... all 3 max ~30EUR for ~50EUR u can get "better" mice or have more options ...
....... arhg
Dr. Oetker pizzas
I dont like them , Wagner is better
VAC is not stopping cheating
Mouz Is Faze
but Mouz is Faze without "Real Starplayers" , thats the Point it works with Karrigan as IngameLeader , in Faze everyone thinks he is the Best ( I mean every Player think that about himself )
Hunden owning G2
Hunden will always be a God for German CS Fans it's just Hunden !
New gaming mouse help, please (18+)
theres a new Coolermaster mouse on the way :) the legendary Spawn/Xornet Shape ( comfortable Clawgrip/Fingertip )
they did ... 17. Okt. 2019 Edit: ah , OK ... they Now call it just EC1 / EC2 ... without -B
newer/actual Version/Batch of EC - B Series uses the "old" Big Skatez Edit: and yes, I mean the normal versions, not the Divina !