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TRUMP wins again!
if u dont know something about the US , He cant use the Money to build a Wall ;) ... and btw , if Trumps wins , Mankind looses
BIG win major?
Top6 would be great , everything above is a bonus
Razer Deathadder
MS Intelli 3.0 Pro ( 3389 sensor ) Logitech G MX518 Legendary ( HERO Sensor )
csgo & music headset
theyre OK, on bad Onboardsound it isnt good, on good onboardsound or Soundcard its good , on the seperated USB Soundcard of the Cloud2 or the Coolermaster MH752 ( like Cloud2 inkl seperate USB Soundca...
csgo & music headset
cloud and cloud2 based on Takstar Pro80 Headphone the new Coolermaster Headsets are also a good choice , based on Takstar Pro82 Headphone
"International" <----- that doesnt mean all Players has to be coming from Berlin ;)
Good Bye Zowie :)
Its the same like in e.g. DA Elite ... Real difference to a 3360 is cpi steps adjustable in 50, 3360 in 100 , a bit higher max cpi ... thats nearly all
Good Bye Zowie :)
International shipping
Good Bye Zowie :)
Its the former razer exclusive version of the public pmw3360 ( Logitech pmw 3366 ) ...
Good Bye Zowie :)
The “classic“ with blue tralala sensor Yes, this version comes with a 3389 sensor
Good Bye Zowie :)
Asian Review :
Delete one country from the internet
Good Bye Zowie :)
yeah , hoping IO 1.1 and WMO gets this huge Upgrade soon too
new zowie mice
hope so ... btw they use the same skatez as the Fk1+/FK1/FK2/ZA11/ZA12 ( ZA13 has smaller skatez ) and the "new" EC-B Divina Series are using the "old" Skatez ( EC-A Skatez )
new zowie mice
I miss the best shape Zowie ever had , the AM ...