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Idk if you follow the news but they picked up AVANGAR so... Also I kept this logo just because I like the logo after NEO, Pasha, TaZ left.
Back to trash tier after this tournament
Astralis vs Renegades
ez jetlag
forZe vs DreamEaters
DE 0-3 btw LUL
It's sad. They were able to comeback from every slump without roster changes it seemed, untill the inevetible end. I liked them staying together even though the terrible results.
girl stuff
Just tell her how you feel if she rejects it's not end of the world but your mind will be freed from thoughts. I lost contact with my crush and I'm pretty sure she used to like me, nowadays I just won...
Not even a joke
Well not sure about the worst but can agree most Turks are terrible teammates. Sometimes I pretend to be a foreigner so that they will continue speaking English.
Issue with a girl
Ask her one more time with a specific day. If she doesn't give you a proper excuse just let her go. Believe me being rejected is better than what ifs.
Envy vs MIBR
Zach go kill. EZ
MIBR vs Renegades
ez for czews
ESL Pro League Season 9
you mean tomorrow?
they should be legends if they keep up this form
FaZe vs mousesports
Going to europe
1- Italy: historic places and awesome food 2- France: historic places, coast region is nice 3- Finland: I prefer visiting Finland in winter but nice nature, nice people 4- Turkey: you will love the fo...
eu teams you want to qualify for the major
Mouz Cr4zy VP (would prefer windigo but eliminated)