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Is ZywOo cheating?
i thought this was an laugh thread at first tbh.... you know for how stupid the OP is
Rankup after loss??
If you played well or if the opponents were ranked higher that can explain it. It’s happened to me a few times before but usually only when I have a massive game and still manage to lose, or the othe...
Bernie REKT trump
it must be nice tho only having to see him in international news rather than both domestic and international
C9 could become the next thing
I suppose, I’ve never thought he was a bad player. However there are many pros who comment on how someone basically needs to be his brain and position him and stuff which might strain daps in the lon...
C9 could become the next thing
Well yeah, my point I’m the post tho was that even if they wanted Wardell he doesn’t want to play in this lineup, and also they could spend money on someone better such as coldzera replacing koosta (w...
C9 could become the next thing
wardell doesn't want to be on c9, daps said he asked and wardell wanted to play with more ghost (type) guys that he has played with in the past. they should pick up someone like cold (we all know the...
Your ancestry?
100% American
c9 top team not just in NA but EU as well (we all know SA doesn't count anymore and Asia never has)
Astralis fix
I guess this thread is all you got since UK has no scene
Astralis fix
"shit tier baits" *still responds* lmao 10/10 b8s m8 keep up God's work
Lil Uzi Vert best rapper ever?
i think 6ix9ine is better
Cloud9 vs Envy
It’s hard to be when there’s so much domestic talent that they obviously have money for but they don’t use it, but I respect the risks they take.
HLTV is a beautiful website.
Im a cuck for posting this like this. But HLTV won't let me post my own thread (cause of lack of activity which I totally respect). Here is the post: My crouching mechanic is being weird. Wheneve...
Best aimers