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HLTV is a beautiful website.
Im a cuck for posting this like this. But HLTV won't let me post my own thread (cause of lack of activity which I totally respect). Here is the post: My crouching mechanic is being weird. Wheneve...
Best aimers
probably meant to reach for his taser rather than his gun, unfortunately it happens more often than it should
I will tell your IQ
1. 15th 2. only to pad the stats 3. m4 4. LoL, and basically all sports games (2k, Fifa, UFC, the Show, madden) 5. nuke (I like the map but it runs terribly on my PC)
netflix/HBO series
curb your enthusiasm is easy to binge
Sk didn’t really have an era, didn’t even last a full year and they weren’t dominant about their wins.
cloud9 should be higher, I know they haven't won much, but they made close games to the best teams
EPL S8 predictions
wouldn't necessarily call north>nrg an upset...
your country stereotype
fat, lazy, and stupid truth to it? yes and no: pretty much anyone who is below middle class falls into these classifications because cheap food is usually unhealthier, they drop out of school to work...
I r8 your team
naf autimatic tarik (igl) s1mple twistzz THREAT
is 'chingchong' racist?
preach, but when u do say 'chingchong' to chinese (or asian people in general) that is when the term is used in a racist and hurtful way
very long ago surprised I remember it tbh
MiBR situation
SK should add Hen1 and Lucas (they won't cause of their drama but they would be good additions to the team) and for stewie and tarik, wouldn't be surprised if liquid dropped taco and picked up tarik ...
G2 ..
not even, they could have hadji and just drop smithzzz and theyd be fine lmao
Faze has never won against New C9
and we still won it....