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128 TICK PC ?
you need exactly 1gor 1
Or we can just wait another month till all NA teams become irrelevant again
Its popular in Sweden because in the early 2000's when pro cs started become a thing Swedes were one of the only countries where you could actually be a pro and not become homeless. Few years down the...
Why Europe is fucked
> since they have no weapons. tfw you've never left America and read CNN news and Trump tweets.
Estonia Come
is all that booze what a finish family consumes in a week?
Fifa18 or nhl18 ?
why not just FIFA or A WALL DRYING SHIT IS BORING AS FUCK CUH Hockey > soccer fags.
1/8 of french girls raped
Because women really have a preference of what color the animal that raped them was lmao
Most washed up player?
was going to say Maikelele but he has never been good in the first place
Boy who likes boy
because gopnik life style doesnt allow you to have lovers, only business partners.
cs:go dying ?
> this game became only about these 2 weapons... no ur just shit at the game
stopped getting baited at > The movements
tfw you're born rich but don't have the social skills to have a good life :(
OnlineBOTS vs SPLY
ez for little JW "Hek"
FPS decrease lately
4790k with 980 I had the same issue, couldnt figure it out for months even quit CS for 2 months because of how shit fps I was getting. The shit that helped me was open up ur task manager, go to deta...
Join army????!????!
maybe start with a regular army since I doubt you could even pass the physical exam to join