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CSGO tattoos
No clue my friend!
CSGO tattoos
This guys: https://www.twitch.tv/comandohs Will be tattooing MIBR in his head at the 28 of september!
Brazil useless country?
Oh yes there's tons of it but I just got the one's I remembered from university and common sense....
Brazil useless country?
IKEA is awesome tbh. well is not an invention but the idea of making shit furniture at a very affordable price is something.
Brazil useless country?
IKEA = lego before it was fun.
Brazil useless country?
Well Brazilian Inventions: Automatic transmission with hydraulic fluid - 1932 The precursor of Walkman, personal stereo. - 1972 Brain Machine Interfaces - 2014 The chest photofluorography, technique t...
FAZE Vs G2 --- > Faze SK vs QBF ----> SK faze vs sk -> faze g2 vs qbf --> g2 Faze vs QBF --> faze G2 VS SK ---> G2
Yeap I know, and thanks to shroud PUBG as well.
Well I agree with you on your first sentence, but about views and game lovers, i think there's way more fans in those nordic countries than here in NA.........not with you with the PsychoLogical.
perfect na team
Brazil homicides
Yes, my friend a lot of guys that could prove some corruptions schemes has died on shit manners like, airplane crash and those kind of shit.
Best IGLs
Right now. Fallen Zeus gla1ve gobb
pgl 100% right scores
I would say that tabseN and nex are awesome skilled players but the rest of BIG does not have the same skill, what really makes the chances of IMT bigger, but anyway for me is 60% to big...
BIG big assholes
Actually I think that BIG deserved the win but using the bug when everyone agreed not to use is wrong, is not justifiable to say "but this guy A used as well" anyone who uses should be punished in $$$...