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Sweden come here!!!
i've had some crazy nights at debaser slussen, it was the first one they opened. how long have you been living in sweden?
Sweden come here!!!
We had 3 different Debaser in Stockholm, and they closed one of them. The best ones are still running though!
Sweden come here!!!
Stockholm, since it's a very good looking city and there's lots to do here. Visit Skärgården while you're here, take a boat from the inner city. Lots of places for drinking and listening to music, lik...
Faze why so quiet?
way too easy for ynk, best tactical analyst ever
The future belongs to Eastern Europe
Doesnt really matter if ya'll have a right- or left-wing government, the nations in eastern europe will still suck. The problems you all have, like being poor as fuck, is beyond repairable.
Norway, explain
they're good at skiing, leave them alone!
Your favorite song on your native language Veronica Maggio - Satan i Gatan Du får passa dig som satan!
Last Malmö Event?
joker movie?
watched it at the cinema tonight, and it's a fantastic movie. Joaquin Phoneix got his oscar guaranteed now!
R8 frankie
ahh alright, cheers!
R8 frankie
here's the comedian, welcome.
Is immigration really that bad?
This sums it up. There's nothing to complain about with immigrants who wants to assimilate and contribute, but it's the other ones who make it very difficult.
R8 frankie
She's very pretty, probably 8,5/10. What's her nationality or where is she from?
European Union
yeah, i know. that's why it was hilarious, especially since you mentioned stealing copper. an albanian/polak specialty.
European Union
damn, this is actually hilarious