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PC experts come here!
They take alot of money to do that. Either way i recommend building your own. It's not as hard as you might think, and you get a much better value for your money.
PC experts come here!
Horrible configuration. 1050 is not a great gpu, windows you can buy for like 5$. Don't choose that motherboard chipset, get either b350/b450 for that cpu. And wtf is those jimm's things?
rain is bad
The rating 2.0 thing you are looking at is based on all he's games ever on hltv, so a very bad statistic to look at. I do agree that he has been underperforming, but that more seems like an issue with...
Rate my PC
1/10 8700 none K ewww What even is that cooler... z370 paired with a cpu that can't be overclocked LUL 1060 3gb... bruh 8gb of ram in 2019... no ssd? 650 PSU for a system that probably don't need 450...
Is this aimlock
Its a bug that occurs in demos when the bomb gets planted.
My New Ryzen PC!
I know you can overclock it, but if you buy ram rated 2666 there isn't exactly a high chance you will be able to get it to 3000 (especially on ryzen) Even though since ryzen's release bios updates and...
My New Ryzen PC!
It's alright i guess, but i would've bough faster memory if i was you. Ryzen gets a huge performance boost with faster memory.
Best wireless mouse?
Been using the G pro wireless for 2 weeks now, and it's the best mouse i've ever used. It felt like a mouse i had used before even though i've never used a mouse with a similar design. Awesome perform...
Pros You’ve Played Against?
rain subroza Mou JasonR Cromen Rubino Kvik Summit
You can get banned from faceit for using a used motherboard
It's the same on esea.
Blue Screen
probably something wrong with your gpu then.
Blue Screen
reset windows and make sure you have the correct drivers installed
I rate your PC
true, was gonna go for a 1080ti, but there was no good cards on sale, so id rather pay around the same amount for a little more performance with a bit less memory.
I rate your PC
rtx 2080 8700k 5.1ghz 16gb ram 3400mhz z370 gaming pro carbon ac