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Ence is good meme, but they will 2day
EZ4ENCEEZ4ENCE-------EZ4ENCEEZ4ENCEEZ4ENCE EZ4ENCEEZ4ENCE-------EZ4ENCEEZ4ENCEEZ4ENCE EZ4ENCE---------------------------------------------EZ4ENCE EZ4ENCEEZ4ENCE--------------------------EZ4ENCE EZ...
Going to gym...
I am not gay, but i still workout almost everyday.
GF cheated on me
Just break up, do it right now. Dont fucking even think of continueing being with her. Just break up
Global Elite
Good :D but globals means nothing rly ,go for esea A+or 2200+ elo =) GL
G2 will 0-3
G2 Is so fuckign bad
Faceit lvl10?
Good, then u'll get there eventually
Faceit lvl10?
l2p and carry. I remebmer when i grinded to lvl 10, it was fucking hell but i eventually got so good that i just carried every single game.. Do same, prac aim, prac whatever and ull eventually get th...
Faceit Egos
If you are under lvl 10, you are shit. Be humble and try to get better at the game /closed
Leaving university?
Then you should definitely leave it and change subject to something else. I did the same thing when i was 22 years old, and everything went completly fine. Tbh no point of studying you're not enjoying...
Leaving university?
how old r u ?
180 cm at almost 15
Yeh, thats how it goes Also the gene of balding comes from ur moms dad.. is he bald? cuz if yes, rip u Xd
180 cm at almost 15
Well, lets say ur moms dad is 175 cm tall. Then its unlike u'll hit 190. It is possible u can reach it, but most likely not.
180 cm at almost 15
Depends how tall is your mother dad.. The gene that determines ur height mostly comes from ur moms side, not dad. IF ur moms dad is tall u can hit 195+
Most beautiful languages
idk, but ugliest is germany or russia for sure