ecks dee

I'm a brazilian, I'm just fakeflagging bc it makes me feel better about my fragile ego.

fuck me up fam
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Liquid vs Torqued
Overrated team vs Horse
OpTic vs NRG
Turns out that the OG team I expected is a failfish
na dude who passed out smoking
The only dude related to e-sports in NA that died recently and was a smoker that I know was a Overwatch player for Liquid. Would that be the case?
2 NA teams in Top5!
Congrats, feels good to see them doing well. I always had a soft spot for C9 and Liquid, after they sent Hiko into orbit that is. I just wish that C9's placing in the rankings weren't at the expense ...
Epsilon vs Tricked
free smooya ffs
Worst crime you have done
If it's self defense then it shouldn't be considered as a crime, and tbh, you should'nt worry that much about what happened with someone that wanted you dead or fucked up.
stop hating players / teams
couldn't've said it better myself. +1
express better imo
Fnatic wins IEM Katowice 2018
i really want them to win something, they deserve it
SK fan here
Jfc just let the poor cunt be
SK fan here
I didn't intended to say that you called Brazilian people monkeys, but you surely are the type. That's what I intended.
SK fan here
I mean, it's sad, but something is going on. Maybe they became too readable, or maybe their new playstyle isn't good compared with their old flexible box to box playstyle. Either way, gg. We took the...
SK fan here
here comes the edgelord that calls Brazilians monkeys despite behaving like one.
worst Pro IGL ?
Ex6TenZ Washed up bitch
I guess your fav map
nah i'm not fakeflagging. you got it right though, those are my fav maps.