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I'm a brazilian, I'm just fakeflagging bc it makes me feel better about my fragile ego.

fuck me up fam
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SK fans come here
that's a fact. although I don't know who does what on SS.
Indie, Neo-Folk fans (Playlist) GPM
Never heard of the genre. I'll make sure to check it whenever I can. Here's something to show my gratitude for the thread and for the playlist.
If FaZe doesn't qualify
Because not qualifying for a major is different from not going past group stage on a major. It's worse than doing bad in the major because you didn't even got there in first place.
A bad team being removed from a high tier tournament. Nothing but fair.
Not that Portugal itself did much better during the years
[+18] FalleN stats, no kids
Agreed. He'll most likely be 4th or something, which is a good thing I guess
[+18] FalleN stats, no kids
I don't think he'll get as high as last year due to his slump in early 2017. But he's a candidate for the remaining positions, that's for sure.
MuTiRiS is good or shit?
He's decent enough for Linguine.
HLTV Ranking: 20th
Old school rap > new school rap
El-P is the shit
Old school rap > new school rap
Have you heard the come back album of A Tribe Called Quest?
I guess if you are fakeflagging or not
Coldzera "TACO is gonna be top 5 next year"
He does his role well, but he also commits too many mistakes. That's why he's so overlooked. EDIT: No, I don't believe he's elegible as a top 20 player.
I guess if you are fakeflagging or not
Konfig OGrino 17cm/17 y/o Tyler The Creator
worst people to be with in matchmaking
Of course Brazilians are toxic.