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"girls don't care about muscles"
what ur age when i may ask? u seem pretty young and in generation x-y im pretty sure it might be right but most girls i met with my 29 mostly dont give a shit about ur muscles aslong ur not toothpick ...
strange dreams?
its real man it scares me 2 times in a row i had same dream.
Where is Friis??
he had like cancer some years ago i hope hes fine and well he was sexiest player in world.
they revolt and all countries in the world should do the same this central bank puppets need to go away.
article 13
could be used for good to safe time for humanity but instead we are addicted and waste time on it :D
"girls don't care about muscles"
u bodybuilders or wannabe gym idiots are the reason why the scene is so fucked. same with vegans, they are the reason why veganism is so demonized cuz idiots always think they are special and somethin...
this world is upside down mostly the bad guys are the good guys the sane are the insane while the insane are the sane. it seems like it nowadays.
ur future self?
don't be loser buy defuser
why u work?
well whjat i stated is basically kind of slavery isn't it, if u just owrk a shitty job to survive in a system that you could also survive in with working a job u like.
why u work?
but why would u suffer through that whats the point? ur mentally and spiritually broken when u reach ur dream and goals at one point. i see it with my whole family. my grandpa retired with 50 to open ...
why u work?
money is nice and all but why not shearch a job that is less paid but u enjoy cuz if u enjoy and stand behind something 100% u will raise ur payment pretty high in 5 to 10 years.
EU must DIE!
EU planned mass immigration long ago after ww2 already so it will probably go through
best freedom fighters?
the past is already written and cant be changed so keep on living.
US school lunches in a nutshell
my brother does this hes stupid wanna be bodybuilder cooking every night his lunch for next day school mostly chicken rice and some veggies.
dota > all
why not its big thing for e-sport in general.