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school outdated overrated?
well to a certain point we all know that school was there in the first place to create good factory workers and it still kinda is. the only thing i didnt hear when i went to school. hey kids today we ...
50% more suicide!
cuz ppl are chasing the wrong things, they think if they have money and big house and big car they will be happy and then when they got it they realize damn shit still feels the same everyone trying t...
world is changing?
its same for me since this fkin eclipse last year i got crazy emotional and i never was emotional before.
work is bad?
and thats problem of society so many ppl unemployed cuz they mayb not good to talk to ppl but really good at their job.
work is bad?
it show the current political state of the world pretty good indeed.
depends where ur from and where u party music without lyrics will always be a thing just like jazz will always be a thing for some ppl.
lol techno is far from mainstream unless u consider scooter techno.
life is a game?
are we too spoiled?
its not only with games its pretty much with everything. i see kids cry if parents dont let them use the ipad and then when they cry parents are like oooh nooo pls take this ipad and play 20 minute :o...
girls dumb?
everyone wants to make everyone his property nowadays. no privacy nothing just full control about everything they want.
im stuck in life?
Man, I see everyone working around me everyone is miserable already wanting Monday to be Saturday again this is not a life is it? whats the point wasting ur life away just for some worthless paper the...
>money can’t buy happiness
less information more happy its true. we are way to spoiled in the western world even kid that is abused at home still getting food and shit is still way to spoiled.
went to doctor
most backpain is related to inflamation which can come from meat but mostly only mass production meat that is injected with all sorts of hormones so ur hormones dont know wtf is up anymore and inflama...
2 weeks no hltv!
im trying but there is darkness inside me always coming back here for daily negativity.
war is coming!
and thats the problem ppl are to dependet on others without the media u would not even know about any muslim shootings and would still live a happy no scared life. its all a game my friend they know h...