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They have shown incredible loyalty by always listening to their players.
Now imagine Hunden as coach for prime Astralis.
new superteam for your country
Blamef K0nfig Valde Kjaerbye Farlig Coach: mithR
Make a Hybrid Team!
Gla1ve Xyp9x Device Hunter NiKo
NA’s Hunden :-(((
x6tence vs HAVU
Never. That would be The biggest downgrade made in CS history.
JUGI to FaZe ?
Brain not found.
r8 F1 drivers
Hamilton Hamilton/Leclerc LeClerc Latifi Even tho he got replaced i'd say Hulkenberg. Most idiotic driver to ever race in F1
I will fix any team or region
Exactly why I would get two more support(ish) players in Niko and Tenzki.
I will fix any team or region
To me, they have to get rid of either Cajunb or Gade. Also, I don't understand getting Kristou. Kristou showed promise as the main awper in AGF. Now turning him into a pure riffler as Cajunb, Aizy and...
I will fix any team or region
Tell that to North my friend. Long time no see Jonty! :-)
I will fix any team or region
Deathzz and Meison is for sure.
I fix any team, hopefully
< Twist > Grux Hampus: Upcoming super IGL. He just need to adapt to tier 1 cs. Plopski: Beside Brollan he might be The biggest Swedish riffle talent. Surely has his place within this team. Rez: anot...
I fix any team, hopefully
< Bymas < Broky > Alex > Cerq NiKo: Extremely talented riffler, one of The most impressive aimers that i’ve ever seen. Hard worker, dedicated as few, and a born winner. Rain: The Ultimate good guy ...