Former Coaching Jobs within CS:GO
- CS:GO Coach for all the teams at Ikast-Brande E-Sport also known as IBeS.
- CS:GO Coach for MultiHunters Elite (Esea Intermediate Winners)

Former CS:GO Teams: (Player Career)
- Ouroboros Gaming (w/ Cracker, Enduke, Bukser, Dafthand & me)
- Missuros eSport (w/ shrank, Galaxy, Lauzi, Damper & me)
- 2Silly5You (w/ Magic, CHarL|3, Darecamel, Conan & me)
- Lightex (w/ Fukabuka, Forxy, Mankzy, Ceivehyy & me)

Former CS:GO Teams Managed By Me:
- Midtjylland E-Sport Club (w/ Snobey, Damper, Enduke, Bukser & Meqqen)
- Lightex (w/ kMofo, Forxy, Fukabuka, Fessor & Thomseee) - (Former home of players like Mankzy, JensN & Ceivehyy)

Worth To Mention CS:GO Tournament Placements:
3rd at BWAFhack #2 w/ Ouroboros.
4th at ESEA OPEN w/ 2Silly5You.

Forum posts
BIG Loss not fair
North were The better team on Nuke. BIG were Lucky to make it so far.. BIG should Really consider Looking at Sprout. Get yourself Syrson and K1to and you have a damn amazing team.
SG-553 balancing sugestion
3200$ no Nerf for SG 3600$ for Pre-Nerf AUG Buff ROF slightly for M4A1-S Then we good. Sacrificing a Smoke+Flash for that Scope seems fair to me.
TRICKED not in MDL playoffs
New org. Welcome Splyce.
Tricked new org
Gla1ve ZywOo S1mple Brehze Twistzz
U remember dev1ce's flick?
I remember a Device flick
Niko > Karrigan
Not sure is Elec knows any english. Also they need that former superstar! The cool thing on this lineup is that they’re all amazing rifflers, awpers, pistol players. Can all Lurk, Entry, support and p...
-suNny +Aleksib
Aleksib, Sunny, Jamppi, Sergej & Zehn would be nuts’
-suNny +Aleksib
Thats true tho’.
Niko > Karrigan
I want to see Olof, Cold, NiKo, S1mple and ZywOo so bad! Coach: Karrigan, Analyst or Manager Ynk
-suNny +Aleksib
Nah. Fuck Ence. Aleksib, Zehn, Jamppi, Zoree & Hoody Aleksib as IGL, Zehn and Hoody as pure rifflers, Jamppi as hybrid, 2nd awp, and zore as main awp. Xarte will be The coach. #TheFallOfEnce Coach: Xa...
Broky rich -____-
Astralis, North, Tricked, and Heroic does not take even 1% of The prize money. Not sure how other countries do it. But not getting 90-100% of The prize money is a scam.
Karrigan leave fast
Karrigan should indeed leave. Think about having such unstable teammates, who only performs 1/2 of The time. He is fragging fine for a igl, and has proven himself a worthy Leader. Karrigan should le...
Nexa Hunter NiKo Coldzera Olof
G2 +hunter, nexa is roster move of the year
Indeed we have! Astralis pushing the best of the rest to stay evolving, and focus on different things, as well as adapting to a more strategical meta. Astralis made CS beautiful.