Former Coaching Jobs within CS:GO
- CS:GO Coach for all the teams at Ikast-Brande E-Sport also known as IBeS.

Former CS:GO Teams: (Player Career)
- Ouroboros Gaming (w/ Cracker, Enduke, Bukser, Dafthand & me)
- Missuros eSport (w/ shrank, Galaxy, Lauzi, Damper & me)
- 2Silly5You (w/ Magic, CHarL|3, Darecamel, Conan & me)

Former CS:GO Teams Managed By Me:
- Midtjylland E-Sport Club (w/ Snobey, Damper, Enduke, Bukser & Meqqen)
- Lightex (w/ kMofo, Forxy, Fukabuka, F4ith, & Thomseee) - (Former home of players like Mankzy, JensN & Ceivehyy)

Worth To Mention CS:GO Tournament Placements:
3rd at BWAFhack #2 w/ Ouroboros.
4th at ESEA OPEN w/ 2Silly5You.

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