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Singularity qualify for DH Summer
Yea CPH was like tier 2/3 So I hope they can surprise!
juliano to male team
Millegud is Emilio
Rip blogs and discussions... Get blogs back, and get unlimited replies... Then we're on a roll..
HLTV WHY ????????????????????????????????????????????
Singularity qualify for DH Summer
First lan? They won their last lan at cph games lol
Heroic bench valde
Don't look at rating only.. You have to check the contribution and clutches as well. Valde lost a lot of rounds for Heroic as well. Niko didn't. As i said.. Since the arrive of Jugi and Niko, he ha...
Swedish shuffle confirmed
Such sad that this is actually true! I really do like GTR... But damn... His days seems to be over..
Heroic bench valde
I don't see NiP as an upgrade in any way... Why would you join a team thats falling down, instead of staying in a team with actual future potential? Its either because they had to bench him That D...
Heroic bench valde
Say what ever you want, doesnt change my opinion.. Any statistics, would show you that both Jugi and Niko has done better the last 3 months than Valde. Moddii is playing a supportive anchor role, so ...
Heroic bench valde
Well thats my opinion. I saw him as getting worse and worse. So says my analysis of him. I dont think they should change at all. But if they should, he was first on my list
Heroic bench valde
Valde aint the best on the team. Valde was getting worse. Jugi and Niko are the stars, Valde played a star role as well, but Its Hard to support 3 good players, Who needs support to shine. Cad...
Heroic bench valde
He can't IGL at all. Its Snappi and Moddii If anything -Aizy (He has been so bad for North) +Valde
Nip to coach
Friberg won't ever be coach... Only if CS one day becomes so big, that every team has like 20 players, and should pick out the 5 best for every game.. Then he could be something like entry fragge...
please let him go to pepsilon
DH Summer closed qual. invites
seems like