Current Jobs Within CS:GO:
- CS:GO Coach for all the teams at Ikast-Brande E-Sport also known as IBeS.

Former CS:GO Teams: (Player Career)
- Ouroboros Gaming (w/ Cracker, Enduke, Bukser, Dafthand & me)
- Missuros eSport (w/ shrank, Galaxy, Lauzi, Damper & me)
- 2Silly5You (w/ Magic, Char, Darethima, Connor & me)

Former CS:GO Teams Managed By Me:
- Midtjylland E-Sport Club (w/ Snobey, Damper, Enduke, Bukser & Meqqen)
- Lightex (w/ kMofo, Forxy, Fukabuka, F4ith, & Thomseee) - (Former home of players like Mankz & Ceivehyy)

Worth To Mention CS:GO Tournament Placements:
3rd at BWAFhack #2 w/ Ouroboros.
4th at UK CS SERIES w/ 2Silly5You.

Looking for a experienced IGL or player in general? PM ME!
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Got fired from job AMA
What job did you have?
Faze Clan Fix?
+ s1mple if olof doesn't come back
First Car
My first was a BMW 330D Cabriolet.. Loved it. Now i upgraded to a Dodge Charger Convertible the model from 2012.
1. Device 2. S1mple 3. Magisk 4. NiKo 5. Electronic 6. Gla1ve 7. Xyp9x 8. Dupreeh 9. EliGe 10. Naf 11. Rain 12. Nahte 13. Guardian 14. Sunny 15. Brehze 16. Twistzz 17. Oskar 18. Ropz 19. Flamie 20. Ce...
Also remember how long the core 3 of Astralis has been playing together. Friendship, believing, patience and teamwork makes the DREAM WORK!
best sensitivity?
400dpi, 1.24 sens
Dude? I'm asking you man! You're the one with a problem? You're the one saying it is boring? You're the one saying they're close to be unbeatable? wtf. Such a retarded Ukranian...
But is it Astralis' fault that the other teams suck ass?
Danish Players?
Danish Players?
french top1 roster
French scene rosters to me should be: The French Scenes Nightmare! Happy, RpK, Scream, KennyS, and Shox The experienced players! NBK, Kioshima, Apex, Bodyy, and Sixer The Belgium mastermind, and t...
New Dreamteam!
obody can ever understand his english
New Dreamteam!
Euronics is very much alive yes. Best team.
SK & FaZe fix!
SK: Coldzera, Stewie, Fer, Hen1 & Lucas1 FaZe: Karrigan, Guardian, Niko, Rain, & Mixwell FRENCH: Nbk, Apex, Devil, Sixer, & xms (OMEGA LUL FOR NBK)
Thank you, NBK.
G2: Ex6TenZ, Shox, SmithZz, Kioshima, and KennyS Ares: NBK, Apex, Bodyy, Mixwell and RpK EnVyUs: Happy, ScreaM, Hadji, Amanek, and Devoduvek LDLC: Devil, Logan, xms, Sixer, and Alex