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Who is worse? SK or SS fans
SK > spaceS under 17 yo fans
SK istanbul
Yeah i was really triggered bro, i saw many stupid comments from people who defended him here. I really mad at people who dont respect the pro gamers from the game which we play daily. I sound like th...
SK istanbul
I know but it triggers me most that SOME brazilians try to defend this guy who spitted on maj3r. Even when i really really really DISLIKE maj3r (he even blocked me on twitter rofl) i cant understand t...
SK istanbul
yeah i know man i am really pissed thats why i wrote so many bad stuff haha but dude come on it triggers me more that people on hltv defend this action
SK istanbul
dude they can ban me 20 years i dont care, what i see on HLTV makes me soo fucking mad. I see people who defend him or write "its only water" ofc its only water but wtf where is the respect? fucking ...
Brazilians spit on Maj3r
Brazilians spit on Maj3r
i hope so much that someone from the crowd stabs the brazilian in the stormach fucking retards
Brazilians spit on Maj3r
i fuck your mother turkish people have no terrorist group i fuck your monkey mother with a banana and spit on her vagina ugly whore
Brazilians spit on Maj3r
WTF this people are fucking MONKEYS seriously fuck his mother.Why the fuck would you spit on a HUMAN duuude. I was many times in cologne NEVER made bad experience there wtf
i tell you your sexual orientation
/ gob b/xantares/CIHANj no 20 1.85m
need a smartphone
buy i stolen i phone X
online soldiers
yeah that might be true
yes 25 sec later you are on your site and they already rushed you xD
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