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cArn - A CS teacher?
Yes, he probably held their hands and taught them how to shoot. Get a grip, seriously. Even if you're trolling your level is below average at best.
marriage for all
You say that, but I doubt you were raised by a homosexual couple and know what it is to have no mother. I'm not saying that a gay couple can't raise a child, but a mother is essential especially when ...
marriage for all
It has nothing to do with rights. Gay people, women etc. make parades even in countries where they have their rights and are even privileged in some situations. Parading about sexuality that doesn't i...
HI, not about counterstrike but PLEASE HELP ME, I NEED YOU
I don't see how advertising is tolerated? You wont mind everyone posting ad and referal links while claiming their parents are unemployed and stuff like that?
why NEO is so much respected?
why NEO is so much respected?
I'm not polish and I respect him. What's your point?
why NEO is so much respected?
You're pathetic.
Dota2 for Metro 2033
It's the most GPU heavy game after Crysis. What did you expect? People test their high end rigs on such games. Lower your settings a bit and you will run it smoothly.
Update CS:GO
He is talking about the classic competitive maps such as nuke, dust2, train and inferno which aren't community driven. They were changed a couple of times so far.
>movies like wallE ,shrek, tangled, how to train your dragon >no cartoons please But those [BOLD]are[/BOLD] cartoons.
Valve: The biggest troll ever - CS:GO
Learn what trolling is first 9fag/reddit piece of shit. LOL SO FUNI HE PUT THE TROLL FACE THERE AND IT INSTANTLY BECOMES A FUNNY JOKE - No it doesn't work like that. Try harder next time.
Strong users
You messed up the calculation obviously.
Will you switch to CS:GO?
No, because they didn't improve the recoil with so much feedback given by pro players and the community as a whole. I wont pay someone who doesn't respect his playerbase.
>USA haha oh wow