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"God" dza 5-24 lul
Imagine if Fallen joins faze clan
Guardian with rifle>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>TaZ's Life so.
team7 vs weWILLwin
They wonnered gratzie
Moon landing never happend
You are damn right.
flusha or get_right
100 Thieves vs NRG
Zews to replace kng confirmed by brazillian streamer confirmed
Worst Major ever.
Yea that doesnt mean f0rest bad or others. That means gtr,draken,rez,xizt,sixer etc is bad thats my point.
VP Total Kills This Major
VP Total Kills This Major
Guess not
Worst Major ever.
Its 5v5 game so f0rest/ScreaM/RpK not being in major doesnt mean they are bad. Much much better than most of players.
VP Total Kills This Major
You are great teacher bro I learn alot and then kick ur ass at independent war so shut your little mouth
Worst Major ever.
Agreed really wtf Space Soldiers ? QBF ? Major without RPK and Scream ? Major without legend f0rest ? Major without fnx/hen1 ? This major really sucks.
should Turkey join EU ???????????????
Kebab,baklava,doner,pide,kunefe should I write more ? No one even contest against us
should Turkey join EU ???????????????
ofc its not, but about %90 of atheists in Turkey which became atheist in recent years at least start questioning because of his behavior.