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Turkey dictatorship?
no, i'll leave for Canada
best netflix series rn?
That doesnt mean they are cursed, that means they have fairly weak map pool against their opponents.
casa del papel mask?
you can if your polizei is dumb
Valorant looks ugly
Agree with you. Dude even CS:GO beta was much better than this shit. Why would you do fps game with fucking character skills ? What is that even mean ? Do what CS:GO doesnt do like 128 tick servers mu...
navi changes
-flamie +mir -Perfecto +idisbalance simple to rifle. mir always shows up when needed and he got some experience when playing for gambit. They need smart igl but i dont recall good russian igl except z...
navi changes
Dude they won against shitty tier2-3 teams and they almost lost to godsent. No excuses for that.
Palestine new deal
NIP (well Dignitas now...)
if you dont have any clue why questioning ? Make your research then question it
North vs Heroic
stavn is so bad not because of his low fragging ability but because of his 1.5 iq moves. Hope he will change his playstyle, he just lost 27th round because of his unnecessary peek.
$1k / student in your country.
+1 if you are not lazy ass then you can improve yourself on something and that is much valuable and be better on something but not like games or something pointless.
Pros never cheat mantra
They are most definitely cheating and i dont even wanna play cs anymore. If you can cheat when you are being watched by thousands of people, what will stop you from cheating at normal matches like mm ...
[18+] hottest gaming personality?
Freya Spiers, mimimichaela, ZanaSofs, nylon, L.K.S