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get_right cringe
Maybe because GTR has played for 20 years, and was the best player in 1.6 in 2010 and 11 and then was the best in csgo in 2012, 2013 and 2014, he's the biggest legend Counter Strike has ever had and h...
Best NAVI roster
Astralis skip iem sidney
Zonic's reasons are lacklustre when Astralis are still prepared to travel to Brazil and America. If Astralis keep skipping events they will most likely dethrone themselves.
Thorin tweet about astralis skipping tournaments
Your comment makes little sense. Astralis have been to every single Blast event because it is owned by RFRSH Entertainment who also own Astralis. They skipped Starladder and are now skipping IEM Sydne...
Thorin tweet about astralis skipping tournaments
Okay sounds good, it can get rather confusing.
Thorin tweet about astralis skipping tournaments
The subject was on tournaments by their owner, i.e RFRSH i.e Blast
Thorin tweet about astralis skipping tournaments
Wrong BLAST started in 2018
Far Cry 4 was a great game and I recommend getting the Valley of the Yeti DLC, great gun-play and story with a pretty landscape for a relatively old game now.
How has Thorin harmed the scenes progress?? Look at his articles, they are well written and intuitive. He is tweeting his thoughts on twitter for comical purposes I find it strange that you think this...
Of course its calculated! If you play badly and play badly consistently then you will be on the end of criticism and comedy, that's completely justified! So your saying that if you play badly your not...
You started your point by saying that trash talking is between players and fans, I'm saying your completely wrong. As an analyst you have the best platform to trash-talk. I wouldn't say everyone hates...
Why isn't he allowed to make jokes about peoples performances on twitter?? If you play well you won't get a joke aimed at you, its not unprofessional at all it's comedy for those that follow him... No...
As a CSGO journalist and an analyst he needs to criticise players... that's what an analyst does by definition...
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AOBs8dU4Pb8 Brilliant song
F0rest massively overrated
GeT_RiGhT's had a lot of awful things happen to him in the last couple of years, its difficult to stay positive when such awful things happen to you. Context is key.