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c9 not na team
The genetics don't matter bro it's where they are from
c9 not na team
They are all from NA (born here), doesn't matter where their parent/grandparents are from.
TYLOO vs Renegades
An american Call of duty player carrying a bunch of bad aussies ahahahaha
markE disrespectful
Pretty sure Liquid got top 3 in 2 majors in a row but w/e im sure kangaroo could do better
19 years old, never had a gf
fuckin lol dude
Muffin Lightning vs Kinguin
Sancz needs to find a better team
Help flirting advice
This is funny
guy gets told he sleepwalks, his sis tells him that his jerks his meat while sleepwalking, guy realizes she knows this because she sneaks into his room to watch him do it and no guy is turned on by it...
sick bait, fox aint better than felps
waddup now swedes
How is incest bad but gay ok?
it makes sense though like if you have two glasses filled with green liquid and look through both at the same time it is a strong green, it works with everything, common sense tbh
he was supposed to leave g2 so they can finally get a world class awper like flusha
How is incest bad but gay ok?
lol dude "Zoe Assaf" zoe? a girl? okay dude if you want to be serious you have to link me something that wasn't just written up by some girl, girls arent smart enough for this gene stuff
How is incest bad but gay ok?
i wanna see a picture of this
How is incest bad but gay ok?
alright smart guy, how do our genetics get messed up if we have a kid? if we have the same genes then they will get enhanced because their mother and father have the same genes