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Inferno B-plant
holy fuck, this is it chief, PPl can't just spam shit into one spot because that's where everyone's going
Inferno B-plant
i think the problem is that banana is still too narrow, if you throw any utility in there it's a gurantee hit, so ppl do it over and over again just to make sure
r8 Big Dick
Whoever said 0/8 or really got triggered is probably just a big closet homo lol
IKEA food is best food in the world
IKEA food is good at first, but after eating it like 5 times+ you can really taste the fucking frozen fridge food smell, that's sth that you won't taste it in like other fast food chains
Jonathan E., salary?
I wish this was true, but HLTV clearly makes a lot more than that to keep the shitty underage gambling promoting ads
MAJ3r options
Bro he just doesn't frag that much, gotta break it to you man
Just a chill meme
house vs bettors lmao ez for the house as always
what do u mean somehow, it's not the n word, it's an actual object with no direct relation to the bad word i don't see any problem here. Banning that word on it's own seems retarded to me already
I fix any tier 1 football team
No need to fix, they'll be back
I fix any tier 1 football team
+AFTV as coach ez Champions league
I fix any tier 1 football team
+Usain Bolt or last place
MIBR just not working out
They went to the semis by beating renegay, i won't count this too much tho
Russia vs Panda
I remember back in the day when showtime was standing in for LG(old mibr) cold or whoever said sth like"i never seen someone play this bad at a pro level" i didn't think he's that bad back then but ho...
Azn = small pns
The ppl that keeps on bringing up sizes is the 60sec usain bolts