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The New NiP
Draken - awp lekr0 - rifler / entry f0rest - rifler/awp freddieb - igl rez/gtr - gtr mostly for the chemistry and experience with f0rest --
Top 5 awper?
kennys device fallen guardian (slump atm) draken (hope he will keep the same level as he did in epsilon) hen1
Horror movies?
haunting in Connecticut, Sinister, conjuring (the first one), shutter (asian version), the shining, first grudge is pretty decent. Thats about it, rest is crap :- D
shox IGL in G2
I think that's what causes issues with theese "superteam" raw aim players etc, Put shox who has godlike aim etc as IGL doesn't benifit him in anyway, just lower his playing ability since he has to fo...
pyth had so many crucial and gamechanging/winning rounds @ Oakland, you dont have bad games? You are always topfragging every game that u play i suppose?
Best Fnatic Team Possible?
to loose playstyle, maybe not as tactical as flusha wants it as we can see in current fnatic, not to much tacts more firepower and trusting in the players aim ^^
Best Fnatic Team Possible?
Flusha stated in his AMA i think that he and Dennis didn't get along, think Dennis had a more soft playstyle than flusha wanted in the team
Best Fnatic Team Possible?
Well flusha will not play with dennis so wont happen ;d
SK best team in world
"would have won" Think many teams "would" have won some important matches if it wasn't for some 'mistakes' or w/e..
SK best team in world
The funny thing is that SK got top 1 with both Olof and Guardian injured so the top 1 / 2 team before SK, played with standin while SK went top 1, Did SK win a BO3 against old fnatic/navi on lan?
can you beat my internet speed? Did i win?
Best Matches in csgo History Fnatic vs. Luminosity [Inferno] Map 3 - IEM Katowice 2016 - Grand Final So fkin intense..
Would like to see this happen: NIP Disco lekr0 Draken Xizt (calling) Pyth/LELELEL Fnatic Olof Dennis Twist GTR F0rest
NiP Epsilon shuffle
Draken - AWP Twist - AWP - Since both are main awp i think that it might cause some problems ^^ - F0rest is still good with booth awp + rifler - Dont think doplan has the lurking ability that g...
NiP Epsilon shuffle
If we skip godsent players (since they wont change any) Which player setup would u like to see that match better, since mine was not even close :- )