"CS:GO pro scene inconvenient facts"

- Alot of pro player cheating even on online qualifications & lan events since cs 1.6 (silent aimbot, trigger, soundesp etc.)
- They are all good "friends".
- Pro players live from e-sport money.
- Skins & online real money bets = alot of money.
- Alot of matches was sold for skins and real money bets.
- Almost every pro player have second steam account for skins from bets.
- is project created and advertised ( tagnames on weapons) by pro players who can easly sell skins for real money.
- DDoS attacks in 80% matches are fake to explain sold matches
- Easy money, easy life.
- 9/11 was orchestrated by the american government
- The malaysia airplanes were shot down by americans
- Oswald had an accomplice and was bought by the ruskis
- Obama isn't a real american
- Jews control the global finance system
- BigFoot is in reality chewbacca running errands for luke
- Poland isn't a legitimate country
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Simple is a smurf
lol shut up, that was just one random example from the first match that i found on youtube, i could make a 3 hour movie with clips of s1mple baiting edward or zeus.
Simple is a smurf
FIRST GUN ROUND they know that GuardiaN has an AWP so s1mple telll edward: Edward go die Edward: ok sir edward dies then s1mple peeks
you can't get murdered in a school shooting if theres no schools where you live, actually smart.
stay irrelevant
3 mil people shouldn't even be considered a country lmao
yea pretend that you know the flag of every irrelevant country in the world m8, that doesn't make you smart tho.
dude your country is so irrelevant that i had to hover my mouse over your flag to know what it was, i think that not even people that have a bachelors in geography would know your flag.
Simple is a smurf
yes it changed later, but when he first joined na'vi his job was basically to help s1mple
Simple is a smurf
yea that's the point, Device is in a team where pretty much all of his teammates are contenders for MVP. meanwhile s1mple is in a team where the players play around him, even Electronic gave an inter...
s1mple undeserved
1 > 10 = downhill top 5 =/= top 10
Simple is a smurf
that match was just a single example, s1mple always is the one that has the least amount of deaths on his team and also the one that take the least amount of risky, people talk about him having openin...
NA = Country EU education xD
Simple is a smurf
holy shit you made a book
s1mple undeserved don't make bullshit up m8
s1mple undeserved
are you high or something NAF went negative in the finals.