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Ukraine and Russia
Yes , I am tired of living in shit coz of Annexion of useless Crimea
Ukraine and Russia
If we will annex Ukraine ,there will be million of sanctions,so I will be even worse than noe
Next CS Update
I was living this game before , but than I had to move to the other city in order to get education, so I can't take my PC with myself
Next CS Update
So if skins cost min 10$, how much will it cost ? 50$?
Next CS Update
I have trash trust factor despite the fact I play in Cs go 2 times a month in computer club coz I don't have PC .What can you say about this ?
Countries that should not exist
Poland,it should be Russian just like all ex-USSR republics
Top 3 cities in your country
Top 3 cities in your country
No, Stalingrad is Volgograd and Leningrad is St.Petersburg
Leaving parents at what age?
That's true , leave alone for almost year coz of study, it sucks
Leaving parents at what age?
But if you will work in pyaterochka you won't have enough time to study , also you can't save money for future coz u need all this money just for survival. I just don't see any profit from such a way ...
Leaving parents at what age?
No, u need both of them
Leaving parents at what age?
Ok 250$ is ~16000 rubles At least 10k on rent Good luck to live on 6k/month
Sex Change Is Not Possible
No balls*
Will I get VAC Ban? (if you know, help me)
Vacnet OmegaLUL
all phones that you have owned
Nokia3310 Nokia2650 Nokia N70 Nokia N73 Samsung i7500 Galaxy Philips Xenium X806 Samsung S5830i Galaxy Ace HTC One S HTC One HTC Desire 626 iPhone 7