Are you mad and got personal issues with me?
Then unluko

C1 in English
C2 in Spanish
Native Turkish
Also know Catalan

RE: Ban Count
ban count is 19.
Insults, trolling and pointless threads.
SpainJonathan E.

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Sign out.
its actually pretty cringe
rate this new banger
Tyga & G-Eazy collab is better than this retard Gashi & G-Eazy edit.tbh G should stop featuring white rappers
must-have apps
Spotify and check Happn and tell me if it works
is owo the fat version of uwu
The only pic he looks handsome tho
Back from Ban can't wait to get perma banned
Biggest surprises ( teams) in 2k19
dont they suck already?
true detective season 3
Season 2 is so underrated, like check all the similar categories and True Detective Season 2 still beats them in all aspects believe me.
your countries
That's actually how it should work, you should judge people by their own principles not by your own
spotify 80% hip-hop rap 15% Lana del Rey 5% IDK WHY THE FUCK I HAVE SOME SONGS
your countries
1. Imagine being proud of something you didn't do but became part of it without any choice. 2. Imagine being ashamed of something you didn't do but became part of it without any choice. 3. My country ...
Yo I am sworn translator for the Turkish embassy in Madrid, I can talk Spanish too, hmu if you need help
Lil Skies
Imagine bringing a passed away women to an irrelevant internet discussion, grow up kid
Drake overrated
You said okay to most of them how the f you still think I was trying to bait, I am not saying that they are all masterpieces, I've just mentioned that they have *good songs*, not comparing them to Ken...