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Is this real?
you wont be dissapointed. :) have fun dude
Is this real?
i literally just build a computer with an i5 6500 which is very very similar to the haswell i5 4460 and im using a gtx 750ti.. i get a very stable 300 fps on 1920x1080.. it will never ever drop below ...
I love how all the hltv favelas are hiding right now lmfao
lel SK fanboi get rekt anally by G2 whos "the smaller fish" apparently... noob ass favela
explain why im a clueless retard pls... im not wrong, you must be fucking blind to the tensions among the worlds superpowers. go read the fucking news that doesnt start with
yes, in our lifetime.. you would be naive to think otherwise.. the state of the world hasnt been this fragile since world war 2
dont hold your breath bro... this world is headed for collapse, get ready
Building a new pc
This should be a pretty good template for you to work with, if you only plan on gaming at 1920x1080. It will run all games at that res at ultra 60+ fps. The GP...
i liked handcock, will smith is cool but imo footpenis was better
hahaha you have no fucking clue... mark my words, fnatic will shitstomp SK's face come july 5. :)
SK loyal is going to get shit on by fnatic at the major.. good luck favela :D
dicksize around world
lol arab small dicks. explains why they like to go boom boom, they so mad they small
UK :/
racism against muslim? are you fucking kidding? they hate westerners and our culture more than anything, they are the truly racist ones.. you are a fucking CUCK
UK :/
how many times have these exact words been copy pasta'd?
Damn fnatic
they threw just like LG is about to throw their game against TSM. bet all in on tsm... the LG players dont need to win ecs for their org so they are gunna be chilling and playing that shit like a pug,...