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Country with highest war winrate ?
Wolfenstein Enemy Territory
ET is probably my favorite MP ever, i used to play it everyday, real free game, very competitive, and had such a great community, it´s very aged now but it´s good to be able to revive it sometimes. T...
device sickness
AFAIK it´s hiatal hernia , a stomach related problem.
Why do brazilians chat like this
typical twitch audience
best csgo fight team?
Pasza Zeus fnx kNg KRiMZ (= Mike Vallely)
boltz or fnx?
historically is fnx but boltz is getting better everyday and it's hard to know how fnx will perform now after many months away from competition, however fnx is Fenix (Phoenix), he may rise again.
Euro truck simulator 2
worth to buy on sale with some map dlc, many hours of relaxing gameplay; furthermore it´s better than the american one.
Maybe one day you guys will understand that in Counter Strike someone in the team needs to die in order to others to get kills and information. And that you don´t touch on a team when they are winni...
Respect both teams
it will probably be mirage aka dust3
Dust2 Remake Showcase
Seems like most of the changes are pure aesthetics, i was expecting more gameplay changing.
Fnx + twins confirmed
FNX, Hen, Lucas, KNG, + 1 that´s pretty obvious and anything else wouldn´t make sense.
kng most disliked pro?
KNG is a cool guy, he is kind of hot blooded and very emotional but he is not evil, neither will hurt anybody lol. Surely he could use some social media advisory but he is a great player, good frien...
AJ just tweeted about FNS