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I'm a natural scientist in the making.

Here a short excursion into the lab:

I excel in solving problems by using logic, an ability that allows me to get excellence results in both theoretical and practical scientific fields of work.

I'm also a video games enthusiast playing games since I was 5. I grew up with Nintendo consoles and games like Super Mario 64, TLoZ OoT, Pokemon etc and I still love Nintendo games.

I later on switched to the PC as my main console, owning all Nintendo consoles since the SNES to play the Nintendo exclusives additionally.

My first CS title was CS:S which I enjoyed very much, but I honestly prefer CS:GO.

My favorite team is Astralis.

I also like Liquid, mousesports, Hellraisers and Space Soldiers.
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ty :D
my daughters name is Nika. she is 8 months old
adults on HLTV
yes, but you can do both
adults on HLTV
I am 28 and have a job a wife and a child tho ...
your job?
yes, working 100% earning 50%, ez life
your job?
scientist, academic researcher specialized on chemistry and biochemistry
stavn and blameF
Vitality vs fnatic
even with old veterans on both teams like KRIMZ, JW, NBK and apEX, this map is decided between to young players, ZywOo and Brollan. new generation is taking over. that is why FaZe struggle, buying pl...
Vitality vs fnatic
who would have thought, but actually rooting for fnatic here, lets go
Dating a german boy
I assume you are talking about carboxylic acid ester. it looks like this an ester is a derivative of a acid, in this case, carboxylic acid (C=O)-OH, were the OH group is rep...
no u
Your career
Scientist in academia, my plan is to get a job as scientist in industry (more money)
studying natural sciences
yes that is true, but working in ecomomy related field would (in my case at least) only be a back up plan, if I don't find anything research related that pays enough. I would not enjoy working in such...
studying natural sciences
but being an engineer is something completely different than being a researcher. I don't enjoy the work field of an engineer at all, but I love researching. it is about doing what you love and you can...
studying natural sciences
for me it is about passion. of course studying natural science may nit be the best economical choice, but it is really interesting and being a researcher is one of the most interesting jobs. I am a do...