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Astralis too obvious
100% astralis cheaters we should ban them all and take all of their trophies away (which they've won through using hacks obviously) I sometimes think if people are just retarded.
fnatic undeserved
Can you really blame flusha tbh? The event is really bad.
fnatic undeserved
If with Fnatic you mean flusha then maybe. Cloud 9 as a team played like shit, Fnatic started rolling then started to play like shit aswell, mostly because C9 is just a puggy team with no real strats...
S1mple deserved
100% deserved There's no argument.
Twitch chat is a community? I'd say they're more like a bunch of faggots.
ENCE STICKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If players don't go with "ez 4" then their names on their stickers I'll be somewhat annoyed.
Are you 14 or just autistic?
Welp nice try my man, but you're still dutch soo... Get a better culture xd.
Tbf you're the dumb one. When you're on the other side of the screen just watching them play it's easier to know what the right play would be. The stupidity of the site is thinking that in their sit...
"and thinking that he's fking smart LMAO" Who said he thinks he's smart tho. Maybe he knows he's fucking stupid, happens to me. "This is retarded" yet you do it anyway cuz it may end up being good.
Pick up girls?
Idk what a girl is.
VP and Major Katowice 2019
lol no
Retarded much?
God among FPL
The reason why they didn't pick him up is cuz he's a nobody lol. Also because he's a main awper and there's no reason why to replace guardian / oskar in either team. Also because he's fucking french...