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You got here most likely because you like me, so thanks for that, but i don't like you.
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It's a bit hypocritical to call someone gay when u fuck a tranny, but i guess that in his culture is different tho.
The joke is based on the past of the team. Where does KNG base his joke, it's just a "lol u gay" when he doesn't know for shit. While it's known that KNG and co do drugs and fuck trannys.
Idk, with that broken english that may be a joke, by his history it doesn't seem like it, also, where's the joke on calling someone gay? a Gay joke isn't funny, it's just disrespectful.
KNG seems to have a history of being an asshole. A big mouth that doesn't show at tournaments, just like konfig, only that konfig actually does it without being an aggressive idiot. No manners, i'm...
So you think that assuming Golden's gender saves you from being a racist scum? U make me laugh, u're stupid.
His? Even assuming Golden's gender. I hope you die soon, racist piece of shit.
That's racist, reported, sayin all muslims are midgets, cunt.
JW was correct
Or, they could retire from CS:GO and go all in with PUBG, when god closes a door he opens a window. Or some shit like that, idk.
taz old n bad, gonna retire.
TaZ gonna retire after this major, quite obvious.
Top 1 AWP /closed
Yeah, i can find clips of them cheating, just like Dan M did, macaco.
Fnatic luckers
Fnatic can choke, remember that they're good at choking.
Top 1 AWP /closed
Ofc coldzera did, him and fer big time cheaters and a disgrace to the community.
Fnatic laugh thread
I can't really see it, unless NiKo and Rain have an off day during the match, it's quite hard considering that they actually just lose the aim battles. Ofc from this game you can pick the issues with...