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gla1ve MVP
I agree
Navi Laugh Thread
Na'Vi kings of 2nd places. GuardiaN got infected and now FaZe are also kings of 2nd places OMEGALUL
s1mple MVP?
HLTV went retard mode. https://twitter.com/HLTVorg/status/988099755216658432
s1mple MVP?
That's H4X MVP, not HLTV.
gla1ve MVP
+1 that guy is godlike. As I said, he can't be pulled out of top5 world IGLs since Atlanta Major.
Thanks god he left. Then they were able to bring in MagiskGod. Thank you Kjaerbye for leaving Astralis, for doing the dirty job for zonic.
Natus Vincere vs mousesports
How much? :DDDD
mousesports vs NiP
After you watch demo and learn what the team game does need, then come back and deny what you said. I'm not delusional, it's a fact. Not my problem you are too blind to see the truth.
mousesports vs NiP
Well, STYKO is limited by his role and oskar seems like "I'm tired and I don't give a fuck", but that's a theory (about oskar, STYKO's role is a fact) cuz I didn't see the match.
mousesports vs NiP
Well, I hope this was fluke or that NiP are just new cryptonite for mouz. :/
mousesports vs Valiance
close but nt
Wind and Rain vs fnatic Academy
hahahahaahahahah how much hahahahahaha
Virtus.pro vs mousesports
You mean clever useful god. Don't worry, I know you love STYGOD <3
Astralis vs mousesports
hahaha mouz almost never loses 0-2 idiot hahahaha, but they almost everytime go 1-1 hahaha, fucking noob
Top 5 IGL at frags.
Currently (natural + non-natural): chrisJ FalleN dennis gla1ve tarik Currently (only natural): FalleN gla1ve karrigan Snappi ANGE1 Historicaly (mixed years): FalleN (2016) Happy (2015) stanislaw (la...