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Sweden come here
They were, according to the bus driver and a person on the bus, talking loud to someone on the speakers. This could be seen as illegal depending on how you interpret the law. They called him a nazi an...
NO NUT November Losers
Almost lost at the guitar solo
CS:GO Crashes When I Try To Browse Community Servers
Check if you have the beta opt-in option on. Someone else on hltv said that was a problem.
[18+]I can guess if ur virgin or not
Well technically I am a virgin, so I suppose you're right lmao
[18+]I can guess if ur virgin or not
130kg NiP No, dupreeh better ;) Katowice 2014
R8 this girl
Thank god for "Video Title Adder" extention hahahaha
how u study math?
R8 Steam Profiles (No Anime)
I actually had a gif like you say for my profile. Since the limit is 8mb though I found it being a bit noisy and clumsy. If you check my profile now I have it turned on. Also I feel you with color me...
R8 Steam Profiles (No Anime)
I like your style. Appreciate the quality of the gif, text boxes that are nice and clean plus you like NiP A bit sad you are so against anime, there are some really cool profiles out there. Solid 8/1...
Math Experts Come here
If I understand you correctly. From level 0 => 1 it's 75 gold , 1 => 2 13 gold and 2 => 3 is also 13 extra gold so on so forth. Should mean: 0:62 1:75 2:88 3:101 Thus I'd suppose 13n + 62 should be...
Laptop/ultrabook help Pretty good IMO. Maybe not super powerfull, but does look alright and i...
R8 my steam and i rate yours
Nice account, solid 7/8. I like the profile and artwork. However you are level 40+ and your background is very nice. A bit of a shame keeping it hidden :/ Mines not much better, but ncie work on your...
Rate my build!
Since CS:GO is 90% CPU I wouldn't recommend that build. Go for something like this I have a similar system but with a GPU at a third of the performance the 1060 ha...
Can I dibs one? Support for my brotha Sadokist. -have a day/night
I'll make a NT for you based on your Flag
Ah alright I understand now! Thank you and have a nice day!