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#1 tricep exercise
Can you read mate?
#1 tricep exercise
Incline bench is just going to put your shoulders to work more than on regular bench, doesn't make sense if you just want to target your triceps.
I R8 Your Car
What is?
I R8 Your Car
Yamaha MT 07
I guess your AGE v2 (99% right)
hours in cs:go : 1400 favourite cs:go player: Rain your cs:go rank/face it lvl: i don't play anymore, used to be Supreme your favourite movie: Interstellar
i Rate your PC
I don't want to spend time selling them for next to nothing, but yes I know I will buy a better one later. It still holds pretty strong though, it's fine
i Rate your PC
AMD Ryzen 3600 HyperX 16gb ram X470 Gaming Pro gtx 970 - 2 way SLI SSD samsung 860 evo 1TO 1TO HDD 144HZ 1080p Asus
That is what brainwashing does to people. Men are bad and women are angels
squat 150kg / deadlift 170 kg / bench 120kg AMA
AMA in the sense that those are insane numbers?
r8 julianos sister
Why do so many girls put on that much make up. Like, on OP's pick she's absolutely perfect, and for real she is not that attractive to me on all the other photos on instagram, she looks so fake that's...
KennyS is trash
You wanna compare wins/loses in the history of both countries? Didn't think so.
female team on 100k dreamhack tournament
No offense but if you think women can compete against men right now, you are either delusional or ignorant
ben shapiro fans come here
With all those posts about him getting destroyed I honestly expected him to get destroyed but after watching the video, how exactly did he get destroyed here? Dafuq?
90% of professional porn is abuse of women?
As much as the left wants to change that, it is not a "theory", it is how it is.
favorite rappers??? from your country?
Je plussoie maggle