Fuck biographies. I'm 25, getting too old for them.

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Breonna Taylor
The whole situation is shitty, and unfortunate. But the verdict seems to me like legal justice regardless of what you think morally. I think "no knock warrants" are maybe something that shouldn't exis...
mezii uses quake controls
You forgot trash engine too.
mezii uses quake controls
It doesn't do the original games justice at all. All anyone in the Quake community ever asked for/cared about was Quake Live on a new engine and with a more accessible MM system for new players, and i...
mezii uses quake controls
Does he still shoot on C like back in the Quake 4 days? Love toxjq, best hitscan aimer of all time IMO. Shame I can't get excited about Champions.
mezii uses quake controls
True. The average CPM player would blow a CS pro out the water movement-wise.
Beard in 2020?
Chin too. Nothing particularly bad about my face and my jawline isn't awful, but my chin is a bit short so I have a beard for that reason.
C9 Incoming :)
Yeah, seriously. Unless they've somehow managed to poach s1mple from NaVi or something then all this hyping will just make everyone immeasurably more disappointed when the announcement actually comes.
For games I'd say Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind or Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. For movies, LOTR trilogy. I don't really watch enough TV to make a comment.
Best burgers
If we're talking about chains, unquestionably Max. In terms of individual restaurants, it's too hard to say.
Your hobbies!
The most interesting man on HLTV
nexa or blameF?
blameF ofc lol. He's definitely the better IGL tactically (managed to lead a team of relatively mediocre players + k0nfig to be a legitimate top 10 and possibly top 5 team, meanwhile nexa has the fo...
Oxford Vaccine "side effects"
Let them be the guinea pigs if they want to be.
Got killed by one today, 101 in 1 hit. You so rarely even see people use that gun anymore that I actually had no idea it could even one shot kill and I've played the game since release. Incredibly inf...
hugo and harry