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Fuck biographies. I'm 26, getting too old for them.

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covid delta?
Hope not, don't want the government to make us spend the rest of our lives indoors
Dunno, I know Poland have Lewandowski but I think Sweden are playing better as a unit so far. Now that Finland are out, Sweden are the team I'm rooting for. Plus Isak is pretty damn insane from what I...
What the fuck is the weather doing
Navi lost because
Am I the only one who doesn't even watch CSGO anymore and comes for the forum
why burger unhealthy?
EURO 2020 Predictions
Well I was wrong on a lot of these but at least my gut about Spain/Poland was right ^^
34°C today
Each to their own :) I know Dubai has basically no humidity and there's AC everywhere over there so maybe it'd be more bearable, but above 25 in Finland just feels to me like I'm stuck in an oven
34°C today
Winter is the best season by far! You just live in a warm place and can't handle a bit of cold weather.
34°C today
It's warm here too but not *that* warm, we're sitting at around low-20s atm which is the absolute maximum I can handle comfortably. I remember this time last year it got to the low-30s and I felt like...
EURO 2020 Predictions
Ukraine 2-1 Belgium 3-0 Netherlands 1-0 Sweden 2-0 Croatia 1-0 England 2-1 France 3-0 Portugal 2-1 No clue why but I feel like Spain and Poland are gonna tie
Germany vs France
France probably have the best team in the whole tournament, so I'm rooting for Germany
Your Height [poll]
193 in the morning, 192 by night
Crypto 2021
Still hodling ADA, I believe in it