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Fuck biographies. I'm 25, getting too old for them.

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Electronic #6
+1 tbh
189 cm 115 kg
According to healthcare in Finland, I'm exactly on the lower end of "normal weight" atm so I don't think it is anything too immediately serious. But maybe you're right, I should get my metabolism chec...
189 cm 115 kg
193cm 74kg When I was 14, I was the same height but 58kg. Ten years on and I feel like my weight is healthy, but I still struggle to put on more body weight than this, no matter what I do.
189 cm 115 kg
Flag checks out
Interesting, ty for the response. I'd heard about it happening with hair before but I didn't think it affected skin as well
Lol does that really happen?
My final #1 S1mple post
Tbh I stopped reading halfway through but I completely agree with everything that I did read. I personally think this year s1mple overtook olof as the greatest player in CSGO history - it will be crim...
The most toxic nationality you encountered
Turks and Russians, in my opinion. I've played with nice people from both countries but overall my experiences have mainly been negative, unfortunately. I don't think Portuguese people are genuinely t...
The most toxic nationality you encountered
I've not played with many often either, but in such occasions I've found them to be similar to your description of Germans. And I'm sure that me infrequently meeting them is coming into play here, but...
The most toxic nationality you encountered
This is incredibly accurate in my experience. I love playing with swiss/austrian people too.
Krimz fans come here
"fan of Zeus"
Yeah, that's just bullshit. If they come to our country and rape people we should be allowed to throw them into the sea, nevermind land
RIP Astralis
+1, gotta agree with that
RIP Astralis
+1, 2016 was the weakest imo. Fnatic imploded, NaVi removed their IGL, FaZe didn't have an IGL, C9 still had shroud and Freakazoid, Astralis had no faith in Karrigan, Liquid still had adreN as a pla...