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Fuck biographies. I'm 25, getting too old for them.

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Would you prefer a virgin girl or not?
Don't mind. I just don't want her to be a massive slut (i.e. have fucked 20+ guys prior to me).
Would you prefer a virgin girl or not?
188cm height ..
Yeah, ikr. Some people are really out of touch with the real world.
188cm height ..
Depends how old you are. 188cm isn't small btw, so even if you never become taller it's not the end of the world. But personally I think the ideal male height is about 196 (I'm 193).
[18+] if your girlfriend cheated on you
Sad but true. I've never been in your situation, but I've been in love before and I know that if that she had ever cheated on me and then felt extremely bad about it, I'd have believed her and taken h...
CoL juggernaut
blameF is the only promising thing about the entire roster. I respect Jason Lake because at least he tried to build the strongest team he could, but I think if this is the final form of his proposed "...
Best RPG game?
Oblivion, Witcher 3, Morrowind, KC:D, KOTOR 1+2. There are other great RPGs of course, but this is the S tier list.
Best RPG game?
+1. Glad to see someone else remembers that Carnal Sins quest
Best RPG game?
Big dick answer. Fully agreed with you.
national dish in your country
Agreed completely. I love France, can't wait to come back.
national dish in your country
Ahhh I remember eating tartiflette when I visited Annecy. Probably the most delicious thing I've ever eaten
The best rock band ever
i Rate your PC
Nah it's fine. You're right about BF5, that's probably the only game I can't run perfectly atm.
i Rate your PC
Yeah, this is what I meant ^^ your rig is newer *and* better than mine. My CPU is not 'shitty' though, it's just old. I agree with you that I should probably upgrade it, but I'm holding out for the ne...
i Rate your PC
CPU: i7 7700k GPU: GTX 1080Ti (think it's MSI?) RAM: 32GB HyperX, not sure what the clock speed is PSU: Seasonic 850w Platinum 250GB SSD + 2TB HDD I built it about two years ago so I've forgotten the...