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Brazilians come here
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=feJpFD6eTcg&feature=youtu.be&t=451 mexicano puto no entiendes un chot0
São Paulo 1st world
Argentina is fucked a long time, is not something to be proud of or mention in a video xD
São Paulo 1st world
noway dude he get all map your low iq check the maps idiot 0:04 he get all map stupid , nt
São Paulo 1st world
I did not compare california with São Paulo I compared it with all of Brazil, and you still lost 😉
São Paulo 1st world
The next time I write in Portuguese, I forgot you do not speak English
São Paulo 1st world
"LARGEST PIB THAN ARGENTINA" KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK LARGEST HOMICIDES THAN ARGENTINA LARGEST illiterate kids than argentina it's amazing how these third world always have to mention Argentina in th...
Why are their no North African teams
we haVE Refrezh, Scream , Fer is not africa his surname alvarenga It is very common in the junk countries of Latin America
Foot - ball foot how can a sport be called so if most of the time is played with hands?
FallenzeraSK EXPOSED
translate that my friend, I do not speak African
cheapest 144hz monitor?
acer gn246hl
Why do you care? a bankrupt organization that was bought by foreigners and it looks prettier than now
R8 teams
khtex ? I do not think he has a visa
Device = Modric
Always when i see people say that coldzera is "GOAT", I think of Messi, always people try to challenge Messi being the best of all time they say "Messi is a player of only one club" he has never tried...
Jake "Snake2k" Yip
yes but he will try to role as igl, this will destroy the team