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Argentina OMEGALUL
All of SA had this problem since 2000, it seems. Dunno about Uruguay though.
csgo toxic country
Just like us, kek. Sorry about the finals, bros.
I'm still surprised you retards still reply to these posts after so many years, lmao.
mousesports vs MIBR
Like they did in Starseries? kek. But yeah, MiBR might return but holy fuck was Snax a bad investment.
mousesports vs MIBR
>Losing to fucking MiBR jesus fucking christ, mousesports...
Liverpool is even more screwed, roflmao.
FaZe vs OpTic
Calm the fuck down, Karrigan.
>Caring what some autistic faggots think There are retards right now who unironically call Zidane lucky and a bad coach despite winning 3 CL in a row. Just ignore the mouthbreathers already.
Astralis vs North
First tourney after an offseason which most of the teams that participate think of it as a bootcamp. Doubt that this event will reflect anything regarding the team's power level.
Natus Vincere vs NRG
>3 clutches from edward >1.14 rating ?????????
Natus Vincere vs NRG
Edward is saving Na'Vi again and again and again. It's so nice seeing this again.
Natus Vincere vs NRG
Probably expected somebody to watch ivy and focused for peeks from main and popdog. Reaction was still pretty bad, though.
Haven't watch the news regarding Ukraine's relations with Russia in quite a while. Is Putin still slapping his dong on Ukraine's face?
Reported to the German police for racism, Mr.Kraut.
Dota fake hype
Are you seething that Dota has the biggest e-sport event, m8?