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Why Na'Vi will do good in the major
*Looks at flag *Laughs
Why Na'Vi will do good in the major
Why navi will do poorly: Several reasons Why navi will do good: s1mple enough said
Real Pick'Em dont @
Yes, HR at 3-0 as a throw away pick because its retarded to put liquid/astralis there since you will 100% get a point from them and lose it if they go 3-1/3-2.
Real Pick'Em dont @
Yea, ence are a good 3-0 pick aswell. I was torn between Ence/HR/BiG on 3-0 but since I think BiG have a huge chance of making top 8 I put HR.
Real Pick'Em dont @
yes, sorry. BIG should be in there
Real Pick'Em dont @
yea, i realised it. Should be BIG there but cant edit :/
Real Pick'Em dont @
With this seeding system it's basically impossible for Liquid to face astralis at 2-0 but nonetheless if they lose one of their bo1's you have basically wasted a point that is secured if you just pick...
Real Pick'Em dont @
XD sorry, BIG should be in there aswell
Real Pick'Em dont @
lul, sorry. BIG should be there aswell.
Real Pick'Em dont @
Neither, 3-0 is throwaway pick to secure points on favourites. These 7 teams have the biggest chance in bo3's imo
Real Pick'Em dont @
No, explain how my picks are bad
Real Pick'Em dont @
3:0 HR 0-3 CoL Ast, Liq, Navi, Faze, MIBR, NRG, MIBR
Most forgotten player
bolt statement
its not bold at all, the EU minor is fking insane nowadays. Teams like North/FNC/mouz are in it and there's only 2 spots to go directly to the major
Legends Stage
3-0 HR (gamble pick to secure points) 0-3 Probably CoL or Winstrike if they make it through Astralis, Liquid, Navi, Faze, MIBR, NRG, BIG