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street workout
85kg at 175cm is a lot. Has to be a shitton of muscle if a big part of that weight isn't fat
Scary pros?
amanek most likely criminal: kng
known swedish awper, wtf?xd
krimz brollan rez lekro nawwk
How to get flick-style aim
Why the fuck would you want to do it consistently? The definition of that style of play is being inconsistent. All these kids want to learn how to hit the ''hard flicks'' when they can't even hit the ...
North vs BIG
fun to watch bot teams battle it out in group A while we get a stacked as fk B group with Fnatic, Faze and Vitality...
I definitely didn't think it was over after the first leg, if it was an away game then yeah but 3 goals are definitely possible in your home arena. I was actually mad at Dembélé for throwing away that...
Liverpool are definitely the favourites to win CL considering their form aswell as City and Barca always choking. Barca vs Liverpool second leg was painful as fk as a barca supporter :/
although they are huge favourites to win it's still far from over. Can't be bothered following that long of a league with that amount of matches though, CL is much more interesting to me.
Make MM great again
yea, i guess people are buying accounts to be able to cheat in prime, don't really understand the purpose..
your res?
its 4:3, you set a custom resolution inside of nvidia control panel
Make MM great again
mm was so good for me for a long time, now the past 2 months there's cheaters in like 1/3 of the games
your res?
fakkkkk n1
your res?
peasent XD nice 12 year old insult, whats next? boomer?
your res?
kk not my fault that stretched looks like shit