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FunPlus Phoenix vs c0ntact
Get owned idiot
Astralis vs NiP
Supporting his brother bntet
ENCE vs Spirit
Why the fuck would you bet on ENCE lmao
Gavrilo Princip (decoy)
most known pornstar from your country?
Cherry Kiss I think
Your perfume ?
Bvlgari - Extreme D&G - The One Versace - Eros Paco Rabanne - Invictus Paco Rabanne - Black/White XS
#NoUnban (Jamppi,VSM and others)
R8 Billie Eilish
Honestly nowadays it's considered to be cool if you use drugs by the new generation lmao. She looks natural, doesn't need a huge amount of makeup to look pretty. That's what I like
NiKo n coldzera partying
You're kinda right, Faze guys obviously enjoy life and earn a decent amount of money while still doing something they love(gaming), compared to Astralis/Liquid that are literally tryharding. Later on ...
R8 Billie Eilish
She doesn't do drugs, in fact, she's strongly against them. Her friend died from a drug overdose. She has a song called Xanny about that friend I think. About the other part of your comment, I guess i...
R8 Billie Eilish
She has the potential to be a 9/10 but with these fake dumb faces she's not really my type, maybe a 4. She looks like she's mentally challenged or on a shitton of xanax or some other benzo
ARMADA vs Juggernauts
Ez 4 lesi cheater
best dead memes?
sry, sry for insultes
Is weed most overrated drug?
That albanian shit we've been smoking should be free. It's fucking disgusting. Czech weed was awesome
Worst person in ur country's history?
Aleksandar Vucic Gavrilo Princip