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I love musical theatre, and just theatre in general, actually.
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most gay thing u have ever done
I kissed one of my guy friends for fun
I'm not left-handed, but I am right-eye dominant. This means that having the gun on the left side of the screen gets in the way less.
Your regrets in life?
1.6 god p0gs in his hay
I got confused for a sec cause I thought you were serious lmao
1.6 god p0gs in his hay
That shot at 4:42 was fucking sick.
Rate my future NaVi roster
homophobics/transphobics come here
Yeah no problem that was just meant as an example. I'd say that legally, some western countries have granted LGBT+ people equal rights. However, true equality won't come about until the culture shifts...
homophobics/transphobics come here
""IT IS OK TO BE DIFFERENT" yes it is awesome to be different, but different does not mean being a desperate lonely sad person. " Being trans does not make you a desperate or sad and lonely person. I...
homophobics/transphobics come here
He's a troll. Leave it, it'll spare both you and I more brain cells if we don't have to read this bullshit.
18+ how to get laid
Well, good. Cause... Cause I totally wouldn't have done that...
homophobics/transphobics come here
I think it's normal to cringe if you're not used to something. When something "feels" unnatural, there's nothing you can really do to change it, except to expose yourself to more of it. For example, a...
homophobics/transphobics come here
Considering gay Marriage was only legalized in 2015 in the US, and people are still legally allowed to deny service to gay people in some states, they definitely don't have EQUAL rights. There's also ...
homophobics/transphobics come here
Spacibo, comrade.
homophobics/transphobics come here
Lmao someone's upset.
homophobics/transphobics come here
No guy is gonna go out of their way to kiss their boyfriend just to disgust you. If they're doing it in front of you, you can always turn away. Nobody has the right to a safe space in public.