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players that need to be saved
don't listen to him, he's a mad g2 fan
im A-Atheist
I am agnostic. what now boy?
my mouse broke
zowie is great as well but i think logitech produces the most solid mice
NiKo Vs. Coldzera??
thats actually true
*Best player by country*
Poland - michu?
vision problem
yeah, i'd need them too because i have astigmatism on my right eye. my left eye is perfect btw.
draken > dennis
olof flusha get_right
draken > dennis
big feelsbadman
Your personal goals
thank you so much! :)
bye bye Fnatic
nawwk is insane
Countries you've personally gone to compared to your home?
I have visited Spain, Hungary, Poland, the Netherlands, Austria and Spains' canary islands and what can I say...you won't expect that but I enjoyed Poland the most. Such friendly people, everything is...
Your personal goals
mine are to lose around 20kg of weight, get successfull A-levels soon and persuade my father to stop drinking that much alcohol, because he is about to destroy the whole family
vision problem
I heard that Americans are about to release medical eye drops in order to help people with bad visions who don't want to wear glasses or whatever.
draken > dennis
but he is insanely inconsistent and is probably pretty toxic which he has shown more often. probably not a good teammate to stay with.
draken > dennis
you might be true. in my opinion flusha is a top3 swedish csgo player of all time, but you have to think about the fact that he won't play right now. let him regain the energy and power he needs to sh...