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Best SMG player
I am not sure...I mean it was probably nitr0 of fer back then, but I am just gonna say its s1mple because he is the best fkn player with every single gun :D
fnatic vs mousesports
insane performance by bymas, karrigan really knows how to use him to their benefit
GuardiaN lets gooo
NAVI 2010 vs Natus Vincere
he IS the best player ever, no matter what
Triumph vs MIBR
i knew Grim was a prodigy, but this is the most insane performance i have ever witnessed
Fallen accuses 16 year old of cheating
Imo leaf is guilty, that was super obvious stuff which can't even be explained properly partly. But you shouldn't accuse someone if you're cheating as well. "Don't throw bricks when you live in a glas...
zywoo fans mad
honestly I don't see a lot ppl being annoying about that topic. Just let us appreciate the fact that ZywOo plays well again!
Who is this guy?
Maikelele exposed zehn
zehN has already caused problems with his toxicity in the past. Don't wanna front GODSENT, but he could have played for way better teams as he had been an up-and-coming talent. Sad to hear about maike...
Worst Active Player (No IGL)
pretty sure it's either tarik or AdreN. I think both are players that can't compete on such a high level anymore.
Best aimer?
NiKo imo
valorant boredom
didn't mean you should go back to console, imo pc is the best option by far. but to connect a controller to your pc and play some chill games which don't affect your muscle memory. edit: i think god ...